6 Tips To Create A Kid-Friendly Dining Room

The dining room is the heart of your home and it is the place where you enjoy long lazy weekend breakfasts and memorable dinners with your loved ones. It is the room where you share meals and drinks on special occasions and talk about the days gone by.

Kids Dining Room

No matter the size of the dining room, it is important to create a space that works for the entire family. If there are kids in the house, you need to ensure that the dining room is a kid-friendly space and it is easy to do so. Here are a few ideas on how to create the perfect family dining room keeping your kids at the forefront.

  1. Choose a style

Before you start to work on a space, you need to identify your style and focus on it. Decide what you want to achieve. It will make arranging the dining room chairs and tables easier. If you want a traditional look, you need classic design and style, maybe something made from reclaimed wood with a painted finish.

2.  Choose durable materials

Children can literally manage to break anything. Whenever you put something fragile in the home, it will be smashed. Hence, do not invest in fancy glass dining tables or designer chairs. If you want a kid-friendly dining room, you need to think about durable materials. Pick hard-wearing materials that cannot be scratched or broken easily. It is ideal to look for wooden tables because they look great and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Avoid buying an upholstered fabric chair because it may look nice but the stains from the food will not go for a very long time.

3.  Maintain symmetry

If possible, place the furniture right in the center of the room and the lighting should go around the windows in the room. It is important to coordinate the space design keeping the natural source of light in mind. It will allow clear views of the outdoors and ample sunlight. Keep the size of the room in mind and choose a dining table that fits perfectly. If there are more guests, you can add chairs and bar stools to accommodate everyone. The dining table should not overpower the room so keep the size in mind when you purchase one.

4.  Pick a sideboard with doors

You can add ample storage with a sideboard but it is advisable to not opt for the one with glass doors. You need to invest in a sideboard with solid doors so that nobody can see what is inside. You can scoop everything up and shove it in the sideboard and close the doors. It will make your dining room look neat in no time. Another problem with glass doors is that kids can come charging around the room and you could end up with a major disaster if one goes hurtling into the glass. So opt for solid doors.

5.  Use melamine

You might be tempted to use the fancy cutlery but if there are kids around, put it away. Keep the fancy plates for special occasions. To enjoy the meals with your kids, it is best to use melamine and not china. It is a great material as it is tough and will not get smashed when dropped. It is easy to clean and cheap to buy. You will find many great designs out there so it still looks great. When you have guests over, you can place a fancy table cloth and use your expensive cutlery but ensure that it does not get in the hands of the little ones.

6.  Buy a flat woven rug

One decor piece that can instantly lift the entire room is a rug and in most places, you can use beautiful plush rugs but not for the dining room. Kids in the dining area can generate a lot of spills and crumbs so if you want to add a rug to the space, choose a flat woven rug. It should blend with the decor of the home and it will be highly functional. Keep the size of the room in mind when investing in the rug and ensure that it is large enough to cover the furniture in the room.

It should be larger than the dining table. Keep these 6 tips in mind when creating a kid-friendly dining room. You must decorate the room in such a manner that it works well for you when hosting a party. Keep the decor and furniture as per your preferences but do not invest heavily in the cutlery or other accessories. You can keep aside one set for the times when you feel like showing off to the guests. For the rest of the time, durability is the key.

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