Why do you measure the baby’s head?

In medical reviews pediatrician measures the baby’s head to check that the brain is developing properly.


During the first two years, at each checkup , the doctor measures the head of the baby to see if it is growing properly.

It is important to monitor this because the brain child continues to grow after birth and the dimensions of the head are one of the tracks indicate the pediatrician who is unfolding as it should.

Is it normal to have a big head?

Parents often are set in your newborn has a disproportionately larger than the body and this strange head them. Do not worry, it’s normal . Eventually head and body proportions are adjusted.

Problems, very rare

baby headsize

  • Typically, the head grows at the right pace, but occasionally (very rare), the pediatrician notes that the size of the head is lower than that corresponding to the age of thebaby and this may mean that the brain is not growing at the proper speed.
  • Otherwise it may also happen that the head acquires a larger size than it should have.This may be a sign of hydrocephalus ( increased cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the head).

Both problems are very rare and, fortunately, easy to recognize, as it often accompanied by obvious neurological symptoms.