Kitchen Design Choices For A Simpler Life

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For the vast majority of households in the UK, the kitchen is one of the most significant venues in the home, hosting all manner of interactions throughout the day. Far from simply a location to cook and eat, the kitchen is as much a social and practical space – especially for those with kids. When it comes to choosing a new kitchen design, there are loads of things you should take into account, from the practicalities of the room through to those unique design features that can transform your kitchen into a seriously value-added space. So what considerations should you take into account when choosing a style for your new kitchen?

Maximise The Space

Floor space is incredibly important, and central to the day-to-day usability of your kitchen space. A small kitchen space can be made more usable by matching with low profile surfaces, or smaller appliances. If you have a larger space, don’t be tempted to swallow it up with other surface areas, including breakfast bar-type additions. While these can provide a helpful surface for food preparation, dining and homework, they can also prove to be quite space intensive. As a rule of thumb, you want to keep as much of your floor space free and usable as possible, so you can make the most of the room.

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Think Practical First, Style Second

If you want a simple life, you need a practical, straightforward kitchen. That doesn’t mean your kitchen fittings should look plain or dated, but just that the practicalities should be given the edge over design-only features. The point is to ensure that you are not jeopardizing the way the room can be used because of style – it is still possible to marry these two aims in a complementary way. Speak to your kitchen design partner to discuss ways in which you can make the practical stylish, and the stylish practical.

Flooring and Surfaces

Interior design goes through phases and cycles, and kitchen design is no different. Where once carpet tiling would have been considered a default option, most designers would now cringe at the thought. Listen to the advice of those aiding the kitchen design process, but be sure to consider the practicalities of your choice, whichever way you come to lean. How easy are the surfaces to clean? How easy are they to maintain if required, and will the surfaces stain or mark from the food preparation process?

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With a clear approach to what you are looking for, and a focus on simple but effective design choices, you can increase the chances of ending up with a kitchen that fits the bill. Roping in the experts won’t hurt either.