Move, grab, play

The mobility of the boy evolves very rapidly during their first year. In addition, there are games and toys to stimulate it.


With these hands

When we talk about fine motor skills we mean the ability of the child acquires his hands. The more you practice with them, be more agile, but in general, these are the milestones in its development during the first year:

  • With three months.Board hands over his chest.
  • With six months. Spend things from hand to hand.
  • With nine months.Hold increasingly small objects with one or both hands.
  • With 12 months.Grab small things with his index finger and thumb (makes the “clip”).
  • From the year.Take objects precisely, piling things, put one inside the other …

The possibilities hands give the child to explore the world are unique. To exercise this skill you can encourage him: take large, medium and small objects, stack them or take them from one place to another; put things in a box, take them out and re-save; turn the pages of a story, do puzzles and constructions, press the buttons of his toys “to see what little sound or what song we hear”; Five wolves moving interpret each finger independently; note where your nose, eyes, mouth and yours is !; scribble with crayons and finger paints; rip paper; try to catch the water while bathing and see how it slips through your fingers and lots of other things.

kids playing

Feet, what I want to!

Gross motor has to do with the global movement; ie with changes in body position, crawling, balancing, crawling, the ability to turn on itself, etc.

  • With three months.Raise your head when lying down, resting on the forearms.
  • With six months.Holding his head. He turns back to face down and vice versa.
  • With nine months.He sits alone with your back straight and head control. It creeps and crawls.
  • With 12 months.It can keep standing holding onto furniture or leaning against the wall.
  • From the year.It throws to walk. From now on there will be no one can stop him!

Gradually the child gains muscle tone, agility and speed in their movements. The evolution is progressive and must never force you to move faster than it takes its rhythm.

There are exercises for each stage and, right now, these are a must: put a pad upside down; let him lying on his back on a blanket of activities to kick her feet to dolls; clear the hallway and encourage him to crawl;up and down stairs in your hand; play ball; winding the electric train to chase; jump and walk out of your hand; he races, go on one leg, play English hideout behind the shoe, ride a tricycle …