How to Treat Infertility: Three Artificial Treatments That Work

Infertility has been a problem for most couples. In fact, there are more couples that deal with it than you think. The problem with infertility is that it is an issue that is rarely talked about mainly because it is an issue that is thought to be shameful. Aside from the fact that people are quite judgmental when it comes to having a wife or a husband, they can be ruthlessly judgmental when it comes to having a son and a daughter. With this, more and more couples are looking for ways to bear a child. From superstitions to natural treatments, there are still some artificial treatments that may be quite expensive but are proven to work.

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First are medications. This is where the woman or the man is asked to take certain medications for fertility. First, there are some hormone treatments that are used by women who have ovulation issues. The usual medicine is Clomid or Serophene. This is an anti-estrogen drug that is proven to treat women who are ovulating normally but may be facing some problems. The usual dosage is 50-150mg per day. Medications can vary so be sure to ask your doctor before taking anything.

Artificial Insemination

For women who don’t have problems but have infertile men, artificial insemination can be a good solution to their problems. This is where they choose a sperm from a so-called sperm bank and that sperm is used to fertilize their egg. The good thing about this is that you can usually choose your sperm donor. This will let you choose not only how your child will look like but what genes he or she will have.

In Vitro Fertilization

Last but not the least is in vitro fertilization. In fact, I think that this is the most popular among the three. This is a treatment where a healthy egg is fertilized by a sperm in a laboratory and injected into a woman’s uterus. The egg or the sperm can be donated depending on who in the couple have some fertility issues.

If you’re looking into some of these artificial treatments, I highly recommend that you go the ‘in vitro’ route. Sure, it can be quite expensive but it is almost guaranteed. You can always search for healthy donors by looking up the words “egg” or “sperm” along with your location. For example, you can type egg donation san antonio in your search and you’ll uncover some fertility centers in your area.