Birthday Theme Party Ideas For Your Baby Boy

Birthdays of small boys are more about creating special memories for them, and less about the preparations which goes behind throwing a successful theme party. When they will look in retrospect, the will cherish all the memories of their childhood, and remember how crazy they were for their favorite cartoon character theme party. When we think about theme parties for boys, it is obvious that our imagination will run towards superheroes, blue color, adventure, boys games and fun; let us discuss a few exciting theme parties for small boys.

Minion Rush

Yes, we are talking about those small and cute, yellow and blue dressed minions, which created a genre of animated cartoons. Young boys are bound to love the minion themed birthday party wherein you can choose a color combination of blue and yellow. You can get a cake in a shape of a minion and dress you little lad as a small and cute minion. You can even keep a friendly competition between your lad and his friends, wherein they should enact like a minion. You can actually put in your creativity in designing handmade crafts for your lad to gift it to his friends.

Pirate theme

If you have logistics and infrastructure, then you can create a never forgetting pirate theme party for your young boy. Hire a boat (can happen in garden as well), and decorate it will cardboard barrels, lights, anchors and etc. With the help of cardboard you can place a few artificial pirates on the boat/garden. As far as dress code is concerned, make every invitee wear an eye patch and carry a plastic pirate knife. You can even keep games like hide and seek, treasure hunt etc. Make small teams of children who will need to find a treasure, hidden in some corner of the venue. You can put gold coin chocolates inside the treasure chest, to make the hunting more real.

Camp party

Camp party sounds real fun to organize. You can select any safe camp site or create a camp area at the backyard of your house and send invitation cards in shape of a tent. Place camp tents, campfire, inflated trees and rocks in the venue. You can order a compass shape cake, which will suite the theme, the most. If you want to make it more happening, you can ask your lad’s friends to dress up in an army get up, and dress up your lad as an admiral.

Superheroes party

It is impossible to forget a superheroes theme party, when we are discussing about a young lad’s birthday party. Ask your kid about his favorite superhero character and then make him dress like one, on his D-Day. You should ensure that none of his friends dress in the same get-up as him, and also you can get him a cake in the shape of his favorite superhero. There are numerous superhero characters like Spiderman, Batman, Superman, X-men and etc, and you can show the clan their favorite movie in your home theater.