The ring solution for every metrosexual man – When and how should men wear rings?

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Wearing rings in fingers are an extremely female-thing which most women love to sport. But now that times are changing, men are also developing a taste for decorating themselves in the best possible way. While guys are adapting to the taste of women and some small fetishes like wearing rings, they don’t have enough experience with the finer points of the etiquette related to wearing rings.

There are usually traditions regarding jewelry in general and rings in particular and someone who knows the fashion and use it to make a style statement. It is certainly not a statement that everyone could get as it depends on the fashion choices. So, if you’re a guy who is considering wearing rings on any finger of your hand, you should know some small details in order to make it right. Read on the concerns of this article to know more on this.

Wearing a ring on the little finger (Pinky finger)

For a man who loves to wear a ring for creating a style statement, the little finger or the Pinky finger is most often his first choice. Pinky rings have some benefits like they don’t have cultural or religious associations and they don’t even touch the index finger at all. This ring even isolates from your entire body thereby making it an eye-popping statement. This is the place to wear things when you want people to pay attention to them.

Wearing a ring in the fourth finger

In the US and various other parts of the continent, the ring finger is usually considered as a symbol of love and purity and hence wearing a ring in this finger has wedding symbolism. A band on the fourth finger of the right hand symbolises engagement and when worn on the left finger, it symbolises marriage. A large ring with a jewel or a three-dimensional design can be chosen by men who wish to create such style statements.

Wearing a ring in the middle finger

It is needless to say that your middle finger is the largest one and the boldest finger. Rings that can be worn on the middle finger can be pretty uncommon and this is because it is just beside the index finger. If you wear anything bulky in this finger, this can become a hindrance to many of your important tasks and hence it is best to keep things simple.

Wearing a ring in the index finger

When you wear a ring in the pointer finger, this too doesn’t interfere with any other finger. You can wear class rings, membership crests, fraternal rings and many such conventional and contemporary designs on your index finger. For the best index finger rings, you can buy from Trollbeads as they have an exquisite collection of the best rings. See their selection of flower rings.

Hence, if you want to purchase rings for yourself or for your wife (or girlfriend), you can look for some conventional rings, flower rings, and other fashionable rings in some of the most reputed ring stores.