How to Enjoy Outdoor Space Without Mosquito Bites


All kinds of pesky bugs show up when warm weather arrives, and that includes mosquitoes that leave everyone feeling itchy and miserable. Anyone who lives near standing water or a woodsy area is a sure target of these blood-thirsty insects when they venture outdoors for fun or work. The classic defense of choice has been to use a powerful insect repellant, but sometimes that is not even enough to protect against the female of the species who requires blood to fulfill her reproductive purpose. In addition to the obvious annoyance of the itchy bites, mosquitoes often carry dangerous diseases such as West Nile Virus and Malaria.

Many homeowners have taken advantage of a trusted mosquito treatment that pest control companies are able to offer. The most important defense against a mosquito problem is to eliminate the environment that allows them to reproduce freely. An effective plan to rid the property of mosquitoes begins with a thorough inspection of the yard and areas surrounding the home. Any dips or trenches in the lawn should be eliminated since water can collect in these areas and provide a friendly environment for females to lay their eggs. Any items such as kids swimming pools, clogged downspouts or garbage cans should be emptied and covered to prevent water from collecting there.

Mosquitoes often rest in vegetation during the day, so lush plants should be trimmed regularly and insecticides can be sprayed to kill and repel them. It is also important to ensure the insects do not gain entry into the home since they may migrate to the basement where a sump well may offer access to standing water.

Homeowners typically want to avoid using chemical insect control products in or around their home. They worry about possible danger to their children or pets, but safe microbial insecticides can kill the mosquito larvae in water before they develop into adult insects.

It seems the climates with the shortest summers also have the worst problem with mosquitoes and biting insects. This may be due to heavier forestation and more natural bodies of water, but this makes mosquito control all the more important to families wanting to enjoy the warm weather season.