5 Outdoor Summer Activities For Kids

summer acitivities

Keep your children busy this summer! Here are some outdoor summer activities your kids will enjoy.

  1. Day and Overnight Camps

Many different organizations offer day and overnight camps for children. You can check with your local city for summer day camps in the parks in your neighborhood, or check with your Girl and Boy Scout troops for overnight activities. There are also many different organizations that offer overnight camps, but prepare to shell out some cash for private summer camps.

  1. Plant a Garden of Herbs and Veggies

This is a cheap long-term summer activity, and it will teach your child how to care for different plants, and veggies as well as responsibility. Your child will be proud of his or her garden as it thrives, with the help of an adult.

  1. Visit a Zoo or Aquarium

This may or may not be an option to do every day or every week. However, help your child research different animals and write down what they want to learn about these animals. Go on a scavenger hunt! Find these animals in the zoo or aquarium and see what you can learn from the animals and from the experts.

  1. Visit Local Parks

Visit your local parks and recreation office and get a map of your area. Mark off different parks and nature trails you would like to visit with an adult. Take pictures, research the plats and animals. Vote for your favorite park, and maybe even come back again and again. Make it full-day activity by putting on your hiking boots, wear a cap and putting a cap on your head. Don’t forget to pack a lunch and make sure it won’t spoil in the heat! My advice—no mayo!

  1. Take Swimming Lessons

Even if you know how to swim, many cities offer swimming lessons at different levels. There are diving classes and underwater swimming classes! You can also check to see if your city offers lifeguard classes and go swimming the ocean! Learn and practice in a safe ocean environment and who knows—they might consider life-guarding when they grow up!

For those looking for things to do with children indoors, checkout Kimberly Truong’s post 5 Indoor Summer Activities For Kids.

What other activities can you think of to do in your area? Do you live by the beach? In the mountains? Look around and see what you can learn in your own backyard.