Unique Gift Ideas for Awesome Birthday Celebrations

birthday gift

Everyone always prepares for birthdays, it is one of the celebrations we go out of our way to make special. We even have birthday markers to celebrate special milestones in life like the 18th debut birthday for young women, the 25th silver anniversary birthday, the 50th, and so on. Indeed, birthdays do not just mark how many years we have lived, but we are also celebrating our experiences and the lessons we have learned from them.

Because it is such a momentous occasion, it is always a big deal to be invited to one.  Being part of one means that we have, at some point, became an instrument of their growth and they want to celebrate with us. This is the reason why we go gaga over what gifts we should be giving our family or friends. We can always start by giving birthday flowers arranged in unique and spectacular ways or sing a song that means a lot to the celebrant.

If you find that you are scratching your head and scrambling to find unique gift finds, then this list is for you. Here are suggestions for unique birthday gift ideas you can consider getting the celebrant.

You can never go wrong with DIY

Many people think that Do-it-Yourself gifts are overrated, but there is something special about doing something from scratch and presenting it as a gift to someone you love. This is not just your typical homemade card or drawing you usually give your parents or friends as gifts.

This is a scrapbook of all the film tickets you watched since you and your friends were kids and the special memories you associate with them. Or a flipbook of photos from when your mom was holding you as a baby until the present day. Remember that DIY is not meant to be lazy, it is meant to give truth to the adage, and “It’s the thought that counts.”

Personalized accessories

Anything personalized is one of the trends today, and you can give someone a gift of personalized items on their birthdays. You can have pillows, pendants, bracelets, and even cake stencils personalized with their names on it. Think about what they are interested in, what they like to wear, and what their hobbies are when picking out which item to personalize.

Custom-made tees

Another trend is customizing t-shirts. Some people customize shirts to have their friendship promise written on it, a quote from a book, an insignia only they know about, and so on. The great thing about t-shirts is they can always wear it, so they will always be reminded that you had their interests in mind when you had those tees customised. Plus, customized tees are always a cool addition to the wardrobe because no other person has it.

Framed typography of their favourite book quotes or lyrics

Everyone has that one line that changed their lives. Find out what theirs are and have it immortalized on a framed typography. It could come from a book, lyrics of a song, a quote from an actor, politician and so on. For an added bonus, you can use their favourite colour as a backdrop for the typography.

A mixtape of songs that mean a lot to them

You can go old school by giving them a mixtape of songs that are close to their hearts. Do not feel bad about not knowing which songs they listen to because you can always ask them which ones are special to them. But be subtle about it, we do not want to ruin the surprise.

Special celebrations call for unique gifts, and these ideas will surely make their birthday extra awesome.