Nurturing a Seed: Outdoor Activities to Launch Your Kids Off the Couch for Good

Outdoor Activities

Kids have a lot of energy, energy that can drive you up the wall while they sit on the couch.  Not only will a couch ridden kid annoy their parents but long periods of inactivity is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.  Therefore, if kids are not driven to launch themselves from the couch, you may have to give them a nudge.  Below, you’ll find a list of activities that get them outdoors, off the couch, and in shape.


Skateboarding was once considered a pastime for the disenfranchised youth, yet skateparks have been popping up all over the nation for the last decade in all kinds of communities.  Skateboarding requires excellent athleticism, coordination, and demands dedication.  Kids can transfer insights learned through skating into other facets of life, such as school.  For example, you can’t expect to show up at the park on the first day and know all the tricks; it requires persistence.  Likewise, mastering mathematical concepts requires paying attention in class and doing problems for homework.


Fishing pits man against nature.  With patience, the right lure, experience, and a bit of luck, a kid can learn how to tempt and capture fish of various sizes.  Not only can they feed their ego, but depending on the size and type of fish, they can feed their family!  In many cases, the endeavor is only as good as one’s tackle.  Find the Haywire twist tool and other trophy-winning tackle online.

Martial Arts

A lot of martial art disciplines are appropriate for young kids.  Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and other martial arts forms get kids in shape and turn them onto what could be a lifelong hobby.  Like skateboarding, a student must progress and learn a bit at a time.  After time and much dedication, all of the training culminates into achieving higher belts.  As kids learn, acquiring a new belt means much more than having bragging rights.  Getting to a new level has intrinsic value, similar to achieving good grades in school; sure, getting an A has immediate value but it also provides confidence to reach more goals in school and life.


Immediately, kids may not understand how jogging can be fun.  Running in football and soccer has purpose but running for itself?  However, as avid runners know, a ‘runner’s high’ is achieved from the pastime.  And after some time, a jogger begins to crave the feeling they get from running.  Kids can start jogging at any age and it’s a great activity they can share with family members and friends.  As far as school, they can meet new people or possibly pursue a college scholarship by joining cross country in the fall or track in the spring seasons.


Unlike a number of kids sports, yoga is low impact.  It’s gentler on the body but it’s not easy by any means.  It requires strength, ongoing flexibility, and dedication.  Yoga can lead to other healthy habits, such as drinking water throughout the day and being mindful of what one puts in their body.  (How many overweight people do you know who regularly go to yoga?)

Tom Scott is a personal fitness trainer who loves participating in outdoor activities. An Uncle to two boys under the age of 10, he is always encouraging them to get outside with him, and is slowly weaning them off of the games console! He writes articles about outdoor activities everyone can enjoy.