5 Bedroom Design Ideas for an Awesome Kid

kids bedroom

It is scientifically proven that a child’s mind absorbs the essence of life from the world around, dips it in the colour of imagination and creates a larger-than-life image that drives them towards the higher life goals. As parents, you constantly strive and explore new ways that will inspire your bundle of joy to enjoy the bittersweet surprises that life has to offer. Let the journey begin from the bedroom.

Here are a few of the astonishing bedroom designs that will inspire your child to live their dreams.

1. Of magic and mesmerism: Kids don’t just love magic; they live and believe in it. Let Harry Potter, the magical creatures of Narnia, Gandalf the Grey and Elves of Rivendell be their sleep time companion. With the chosen wand, let them battle against the evil and make the world a better place. Use the walls of your kids’ bedroom for the journey to begin. Let magical journeys become real in their sleep.

2. Bring them the horizon: Hogwarts and wizards of the middle earth are mainstream you think? Well, then let them have the opportunity to sail through the perilous waves, from dawn to dusk, to the horizon. That’s right! Its pirates’ life for your kids and it is time to prepare the captain’s room. This is where a 4 poster bed becomes an absolute necessity. Let your little pirate jump on it and fall asleep as he looks at the orange sun on the wall, setting behind the waves.

3. Life of a treasure hunter: The most auspicious treasures of life should be earned through great endeavor: if you wish your kid of realize this simple message, then the bedroom design should depict the life of a treasure hunter. Though the dense forest and narrow meanders of the snow capped mountain, your precious must find the right way. If the preparations must begin, then let it start from the bedroom.

4. Down the rabbit hole, to the wonderland: If you wish your kid to grow up beyond the conclusive boundaries of a few summations and subtractions, then let him/her go down the rabbit hole and find a personalized wonderland, like Alice did. Take inspiration from the timeless, Alice In Wonderland, and start decorating the bedroom. Create such a niche for your kids, where they will find the true meaning of time – where abstract and real would coexist.

5. Let every night be a champion’s night: Does your kid dream about walking in the shoes of sports legends? With the right design tweaks, you can recreate their bedroom into a basketball court, a gymnasium or ball game arena. After an eventful day, let you child put a ball through the hole or go for a perfect run after swinging the bat. Your creative inputs can change their every night into a champion’s night.

With these design ideas, you can turn your kids’ bedroom into something more than just bedroom. So give these ideas a try and let your kids live their dreams.