How to Baby Proof Everything Electrical

Baby Proof

If you have a baby at home, keeping electrical outlets within their reach can turn out to be quite dangerous. You can’t possibly run around the whole time trying to keep them away from electrical outlets. But, even a moment’s neglect can lead to nasty outcomes. What should you do?

Here are some simple measures you can take to keep your baby safe from the dangers of exposed electrical units and appliances.

Baby proof empty outlets 

Outlet caps. You could buy caps to cover electrical outlets. These are quite cheap and effective as they are difficult to remove from the outlets. They’re plastic caps which have to be plugged in the outlet just as you would put a plug into it. You have to remove and remember to plug the caps back in, if you use that outlet.

Plate covers (sliding). These are a bit pricier but they’re a safer option. You can replace the existing covers on the outlets with the help of a screwdriver. Be sure your baby is somewhere safe when you’re doing this. Plate covers are basically plastic covers which have springs that allow them to slide over the outlets, which make it impossible for your baby to stick anything inside. You don’t have to remove them and put them back, as they automatically slide back in place.

Make safe the occupied power cords and outlets

The easiest thing you can do is hide the outlets by placing a couch or a cabinet in front of the outlet. This makes it difficult for a curious child to pull out plugs. If you can’t completely block the outlet, you can buy some covers for the outlet. Using the outlet with covers might seem a bit inconvenient at first, but no compromises when it comes to your child, right? There are solutions that companies like New Edge Group can provide you with, and they might also baby proof your entire home, giving you peace of mind.

Safety tips for power bars and strips

Power strips look very attractive to your little darling as they have many wires sticking out, so you should definitely baby proof them. Buy some strip covers which you can fit on the top of the power strip, and only the cords will stick out. If the gap is big, you can cover it with masking or duct tape on the slot, making it impossible for tiny hands to go in.

Secure extension cords

Cover the plug/s with an occupied outlet cap/s. Shorten the length by rolling and taping the extra length. Cover the cord with gaffer tape which will not damage your floor or carpet.

Additional tip

Carry a roll of tape with you whenever you plan to stay overnight at a hotel, or even at your family /friend’s home with your baby. This can help you instantly cover up all exposed outlets with tape.

You can never be too careful when it concerns the safety of your child, and baby-proofing electrical units is one of the easiest way to ensure that.