How to deal with the cost of raising children


Raising a young family can be an expensive undertaking. That is why you need to manage your finances extremely carefully. Otherwise, you could end up plunging your family into an enormous amount of debt and putting your collective future at risk. Planning ahead is a brilliant way for you to take control of your finances. It is also the perfect opportunity of you to evaluate the way in which you are living your life. Below are five ways that you can deal with the cost of raising children.

Invest in life insurance

Investing in life insurance is a way for you to be prepared for every eventuality. This is especially true when it comes to whole life insurance, as this can help you to plan for both your life and your passing. In addition to a guaranteed pay out, you can have access to tax-deferred cash. What better way for you to protect your children’s future, whilst taking care of them in the here and now?

Set up savings accounts for each of your children

It is never too early to set up a savings account. That is why you should consider doing this for each of your children. This is a great way for you to split your funds fairly. It will also help you to prepare for the future. Say you pay for your eldest child to go through college. You don’t want to run the risk of not being able to give the same support to their brothers or sisters. This is also true for buying first cars, helping your kids to get on the property ladder, or dealing with unexpected costs.

Embrace the world of second hand

Another tip is to embrace the world of second hand. This is especially useful when it comes to purchasing baby equipment. Instead of buying brand new products, that your little ones are going to grow out of in a matter of months, you should consider shopping second hand. As these products won’t have been used for long, they are unlikely to show too many signs of wear and tear. Once you have finished using an item, you should also try selling it on for a profit.

Evaluate your outgoing costs

You should also think about creating a budget for your household. This is the ideal opportunity for you to evaluate your outgoing costs. Try to identify any areas where you are spending a large amount of money and could be scaling back. If you are spending a lot of money on the fuel for your school run, why not set up a lift share, encourage your kids to use public transport, or find the time to walk?

Turn to your loved ones for support

Finally, you should never be ashamed to turn to your friends and family for support. Asking for favors is a brilliant way for you to manage the costs of raising children, as long as you reciprocate the favors so that it is not a one-sided relationship. If you are struggling to pay a childminder to take care of your little ones, consider sharing child care with a local friend or family member in the same position. Maybe you are saving to redecorate your home. Perhaps you know someone capable of helping you with a spot of DIY in exchange for some cleaning for example. If you are trying to manage your finances, it is always worth asking.