4 Reasons People Move To The Suburbs After Having Kids


Many young professionals choose to live in the heart of the city since they’re close to their work and all of the action.  When you’re young and single, you only have yourself to worry about when you receive your paycheck each month.  You can have all the white furniture that you want without having to worry about jelly stains or pen marks, and you can sleep in as late as you want on the weekends.

However, when you eventually have children, you start to realize that life in a cosmopolitan apartment may not be as appropriate for family life.  Usually, families decide to pack up and make their way to the suburbs to raise their little ones, and here is why.

More Privacy

Living in an apartment in the city can have a great sense of community. However, when you have kids, getting in an elevator with a stroller and a screaming baby while you breastfeed can feel out of place.  A lot of people prefer the privacy that comes with moving to a home of their own.

Having a private entrance and the luxury of being able to let their kids run amuck without disturbing onlookers is much more comfortable. When you have a house all to yourself in a less populated area in the suburbs, you feel more at ease.

Noise Issues

Apartments are known for having thin walls which make it easy for your neighbors to become quickly irritated by the sounds of kids running through the halls or squealing as they play.

If most of your neighbors don’t have kids, chances are they won’t be very forgiving about the noise.  Having your own home away from the city guarantees that you don’t have to bother with worrying that you’re going to get a noise complaint or have issues with your neighbors.  You can let your kids run around in peace.


Living in the city can often mean having endless battles trying to find parking. Usually, if you want to get a parking spot in your own garage, you can pay up to hundreds a month.

Parking tickets can start to add up if you overstay your meter time, and it can be stressful inviting people to your house if they can’t find a spot.

Living in the suburbs, however, means plenty of street parking and often your very own garage. 

Lower Prices

The prices of buying and renting in the suburbs compared to the city are considerably lower.  Whether you are looking to buy a home or rent, the suburbs are almost always much more comfortable on your wallet.

You can have more space for a much lower price when you live outside of the city limits, which is a plus when you have kids.