Should You Let Your Kid Get a Manicure?

If you are a parent, then you can bring your child along to a day spa or beauty salon to have a manicure. There are great reasons for children to care for their fingernails and cuticles, but you must consider the child’s age and maturity when selecting a type of manicure. Here are some things to consider when you are choosing a manicure for your child.


Thing 1: Is Your Child Excited About Having a Manicure?

Your child may want to have a manicure because she has seen how beautiful your fingernails are, or perhaps, her teenage sister had her nails done professionally before a dance at school. Don’t force your child to have a manicure because it will become a bad experience for your daughter and the manicurist.

Thing 2: Can Your Child Sit Still During the Manicure Treatment?

A child must still during the manicure process that will include washing the hands, pushing back the cuticles, filing the fingernails and buffing the fingernails. This process can take 30 minutes or longer, and it is often difficult for a child to sit still for the manicurist. In addition, there are often distractions during the manicure with telephones ringing and other clients entering or leaving the salon or spa.

Thing 3: Does Your Child Have Sensitive Skin or Allergies?

If your child has sensitive skin or allergies, then you should talk to the manicurist about using hypoallergenic products that won’t cause a reaction. This is especially important with younger children who may put their fingers near their faces or lips. Have a conversation with your child about keeping the newly manicured fingernails away from the sensitive areas of skin on her face.

Thing 4: Is Your Child a Chronic Nail Biter?

When your child has the bad habit of biting his fingernails, having a manicure can discourage this problem. With a manicure, the chewed fingernails are smoothed and buffed, encouraging your child to keep his fingernails in the best condition. It is also possible to have a foul-tasting solution applied to your son’s fingernails to remind him to avoid biting his nails.

Thing 5: Learning How to Care for Fingernails

If you want your child to learn how to care for her fingernails, then a manicurist is a great teacher. While your child might not want to listen to what you tell her about proper fingernail care, your daughter may listen to the manicurist as she explains how to clean the fingernails and care for the cuticles.

Thing 6: A Fun Manicure Birthday Party

When you want to have a fun party for your daughter, visiting a salon or spa that offers manicures is an excellent idea. Contact the manicurist to arrange a time for bringing several children for a birthday party with customized manicures for each child. The manicurist will choose nail polishes and fingernail embellishments that are nontoxic and safe to use on children’s fingernails. Call Beauty on Park Street Manicures today to schedule an appointment.