5 Tips to Teach Your Kids Healthy Dental Habits

One of the hardest tasks for every parent is to teach their kids how to create healthy dental habits. This is especially true when it comes to regular dentist visits. It requires a lot of effort, as well as positive and pleasant talk, to present it to your children as something important. The same applies to teaching them how to brush teeth and explaining why they have to do it every day. However, you have to find a way to create those habits, and here are some of the most helpful tips for achieving that goal.

dental habit

Start teaching them on time

For creating any vital habit, it is essential to start preparing your kids on time. The same applies to their dental habits. First of all, show them how to brush their teeth properly, as it is essential for creating a good routine. For a few weeks (or months), go together with them and correct their mistakes. Once you are sure they can brush teeth correctly, you can leave them to do it on their own. However, they could always start getting bored because of the constant routine. Check them from time to time to see if they are still doing everything correctly.

Be the best example for your kid

The whole process of teaching is going to work a lot better if you brush your teeth at the same time as they do. Show them how you are doing it, and especially point out those mistakes they are making. But first, make sure you are doing it correctly. Many people are not even aware they are making mistakes in their brushing technique. Hence, do not be ashamed to check again with your dentist if your method is suitable so that you can be an excellent example for your kid. A bigger shame would be teaching them how to do it the wrong way.

kids dental habit

Visit the dentist regularly

This is one of the biggest problems for every parent. You have to find a way to make dentist visits acceptable for your kid. Generally speaking, children are afraid of dentists, since they associate them with pain and the awful sound of their tools. You have to find a way to explain the importance of going to the dentist and create a routine afterwards. First of all, try to find the best kids dentist in the city you live in. Read the reviews and see if that dentist is well-known for doing the job correctly. Not only that, but if the dentist is also able to make a good approach to your kid with a decent, pleasant conversation.

Use child-friendly dental products

You have to make sure your kid has the best possible dental equipment. Creating a good habit is impossible without a proper toothbrush and toothpaste. For instance, you can motivate them with those “talking toothbrushes”. They will motivate kids to always brush their teeth for precisely the same amount of time. Also, buy the brush in their favorite color or even a cartoon character design. Regarding the toothpaste, first check if it is child-friendly, and then choose your kid’s favorite flavor. It is also essential for you to talk to professionals about these products, and to listen to their advice.

Entertain them with prizes

Kids often resist doing things such as teeth brushing consistently. It is annoying for them, and you have to find out ways to entertain them. Prizes are the biggest motivators, especially in that age. For instance, buy something they love each week (each day could be too much). It could be a toy, a football or an audiobook they can enjoy listening to and reading it. However, make sure that you don’t award them with unhealthy candy, which could create a terrible habit, especially when it comes to dental care.