How To Keep Your Toddler Safe At The Park

As the summer approaches, you’ll probably find yourself spending more and more time with your toddler outdoors.  For many parents, this means playing for long periods at the park. The park isn’t just a great place for your toddler to burn off energy, but you can even make new friends and meet people on your community.


However, as much as the park can be fun, it can also be full of dangers. Therefore, follow these tips to ensure that your little one stays safe while still having a great time.  

Beware Of Dogs

Although dogs can be fantastic companions and undeniably cute, it’s vital to teach your child the dangers of walking up to strange animals.   Not all dogs are the same. Same may be incredibly nervous, particularly around children.

Teach your child that it’s important to always ask permission before touching an animal or they could get bitten.  A dog bite won’t just end in a potentially serious injury,  but it could even lead to death. All it takes is one split second for a dog to sense it’s being threatened by an over-excited toddler.

Only Use Age-Appropriate Toys

Although you may never look at the age restrictions on certain playground toys, it’s important to realize they put there for a reason.  Make sure that your toddler is playing on age appropriate equipment. Certain toys are too large and advanced for their little bodies.

Even if they protest, it’s vital to teach them the dangers of playing on toys which are too big for them.  Not only will keeping them away from the big kid toys provide greater safety, but you can sit back and relax a little,  rather than worrying throughout the duration of your trip to the park.

Be Aware Of Other Children

Disputes can and will happen amongst children at the park.  It’s important to stay aware of other kids and get involved if there is a confrontation. It’s crucial that you react appropriately.   You should help facilitate as a communicator between children rather than taking sides or getting emotional.

Hopefully, the other parent is present too, and you can both find an amicable solution for peace amongst arguing children.

Beware Of Equipment Dangers

Before letting your child get on any of the toys, you should ensure that you’ve inspected them properly first.  You never know when there could be a loose piece of metal or flaw that could lead to injury.
One of the most common playground injuries is getting burned from metal slides. If there is a metal slide at the park, make sure that you always touch it with your hand before allowing your child to slide down.