6 Signs Your Teenager May Need Glasses

Parents already know that it is hard to get their kids to talk to them. Your kids are even less likely to discuss their vision problems. In other cases, your teens may be complaining about issues at school or in life in general but not realize (or be willing to admit) they need glasses or another form of vision wear because they’re embarrassed or afraid of what you’ll recommend. Here are 5 signs your teenager may need glasses.

kids glasses

Their Academic Performance Is Declining

Your teen’s grades may be falling for a number of reasons. If their grades are falling in a particular class, it may be due to that teacher’s teaching style or the fact that they don’t understand the material. They may be trying to get by on too little sleep. That could cause all their grades to decline. Alternatively, it may be due to vision problems.

Note that your kids may be afraid to admit that vision problems are the source of their academic problems. You can bypass their fears that they’ll look geeky or uncool by promising to let them pick out designer frames. You don’t have to break the bank however. For example, you could find Burberry glasses they’ll actually be proud to wear for a fraction of the price if you buy them from an online retailer.

They’re Now Closer to Screens and Other Things

Your kids may not realize they’re becoming nearsighted, but you might through changes in their behavior. If your kids are increasingly hunched over their cell phones or textbooks, they may need reading glasses. If they’re slowly moving closer to the computer monitor or TV screen as they watch it, they may become nearsighted. Have them checked out by an eye doctor.

They’re Straining to See

If your children are squinting, that’s an obvious sign they’re struggling to see. Rubbing their eyes could be due to fatigue, emotional upset or illness, but it can also be because they have an eye problem. Closing one eye or the other repeatedly is a red flag that should be checked out by an eye doctor.

They’re Making Mistakes

If your kids are now struggling to recognize people at a distance, they may be nearsighted. If they are starting to miss the ball or fail to catch it, they may need glasses. If they’re misreading headlines on TV or billboards as you drive by, your kids should be seen by an eye doctor. Rule out reading problems before you assume something else is going on. This is also a good course of action if your kids are getting in trouble for no longer paying attention in class. They may be paying attention to other things because the board or teacher’s demonstrations are blurry.

They’re Complaining about Headaches

Vision problems can cause headaches, though this can have other causes, too. If your teens are complaining about headaches after doing homework or reading a lot, have them assessed by an eye doctor instead of assuming they’re trying to get out of finishing their assignments. Another red flag is a kid who used to love to read abandoning their reading pile.


Our vision can change with age, and your teen’s eyesight could be worsening along with the other body changes that hit during adolescence. If you are observing any of these changes, we strongly suggest you take them to an optometrist and look at the options.