3 Hacks for Scoring Primo Furniture at Pauper’s Pricing

When it comes to shopping around for a great deal on home furnishings, a common misconception is that the month of January is the best time to go. It makes sense; it’s after Christmas, so merchants want to clear out the overstock. Plus, the following month of February is when the new styles are released.

Primo Furniture

However, the experienced, thrifty shopper knows July is the magic month for furniture deals. During the summer, furniture sales decline, making discounts rise. Additionally, the month of August also hosts the release of new, mid-year furniture styles, creating the potential for “last chance” sales. Also, buyers aren’t recovering from Christmas spending in July.

So, forget January. Instead, start thinking of July as the best time of year to go furniture shopping. But the furniture shopping insights don’t stop there.

For those on the hunt for ways to save on new furniture (or new-to-you furniture), try out these helpful hacks to find affordable pieces without sacrificing style or taste.

1. Shop Garage and Estate Sales

There’s something exciting about going through a stranger’s things and looking for that one special piece for yourself. Personal sales events like estate sales and garage sales often offer one-of-a-kind treasures just waiting to be yours. Then again, it may require a little imagination on your part.

For example, a fish tank stand might make the perfect shelving unit for a stereo, or a rustic gate may make a stunning headboard. As long as you are OK with doing some light refurbishing, a garage sale or estate sale could turn out to be the jackpot of original home furnishings.

2. Scour Stores for Clearance and Sales Items

It’s not unusual for furniture stores to set up a clearance area in their showrooms. Because these spaces are typically in the back of the store, it’s a good idea when you first enter to head straight to the back of the building. Be ready to examine each piece in great depth, particularly the scratch and dent pieces, to discover what qualifies this furniture as something for sale.

In the case of a simple sale, the piece may be in perfect form, but the seller wants to get rid of it because it’s the last of its kind. The name scratch and dent should give away what to look for on these units. Generally, the damage is limited, but keep in mind that the more noticeable the damage is, the lower the price. If you or someone you know is quite handy, you could potentially save a pretty penny by repairing the piece yourself.

Usually, when furniture is marked as clearance, it’s simply an older or discontinued item, so that level of scrutiny is not necessary. Plus, you don’t really need to see the piece in person. In fact, some furniture retailers like Jerome’s offer a wide selection of their sales and clearance items online, making it more convenient to see the inventory.

3. Don’t Forget to Check the Classifieds

Used furniture can be found through both online sources such as Craigslist as well as print newspaper classified ads. Of course, used furniture is more inexpensive, but you do roll the dice as far as the condition of the piece is involved.

Unscrupulous sellers are known for posting the original advertising photo of a piece of furniture instead of one that’s current, so if you contact the seller, request an out-of-box photo. Also, when conducting a search online through Craigslist or the classifieds, be sure to use synonyms and varied terms for what you’re looking for. One man’s couch may be another man’s sofa.

Don’t Break the Bank Furniture Shopping

At times, it may seem like you must spend an exorbitant amount of money to find quality decor and furniture. However, that’s simply not the case. By using these furniture shopping tips and hacks, you’ll be dressing up your old rooms in no time for a fair, if not free, price. \lsdlock