The Modern Challenges of the School Psychologist

School psychologists are already in a difficult role. Their daily routine ranges from diagnosing learning disabilities to dealing with discipline problems to counseling students in a difficult situation. School psychologists face a number of challenges in the modern world, many of them caused by recent changes. Technology hasn’t made their job easier, since many schools haven’t rolled out tools to simplify diagnostic testing. Conversely, social media leads to more cases of school bullying following the student home and forces counselors to use valuable time teaching kids cyber-etiquette. At the same time, school districts are cutting back on funding, resulting in a greater client load. The breakdown of the family results in many more students requiring counseling services, since the lack of a Dad in the home multiplies the odds of academic, disciplinary and emotional problems. Yet school psychologists are seen as being on the front lines of suicide and violence prevention. WPS Publishing has created an infographic that encapsulates all of this and more. You can click here for more information.

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Key Challenges Faced by School Psychologists Today