5 Ways To Make More Living Space Inside Your Home

Adding more usable space inside your home is a great way to give your family more room for independence.  Live comfortably alongside the ones you love most, and find new ways to make more space in your house. 

Living Space

Start by doing a little research online.  Here is a brief look into some of the most efficient ways to make more living space inside of your home.  Read through, and consider what your home might be missing.  

Get the excess stuff out

You can easily make more space in your floor plan by getting the excess stuff out of your home.  It doesn’t cost much to procure a safe self-storage space close to your home to store the stuff you don’t always need to access. 

Take one day every six months or so, and have everyone in the house take a moment to minimize the stuff they have taking up space.  If you haven’t used an item in your home within six months, it can probably be stored without trouble.  

Finish the attic/basement

The attic or basement space in your home doesn’t have to be a scary dark place that everyone is afraid to occupy.  Investing in what it takes to finish your attic/basement will leave you on top when all is said and done.

Adding another room will boost your equity.  You’ll enjoy extra space while still living in the home, and you’ll get a boost in value when you sell the home.  

Build more storage inside your home

You can likely make more room in your home by taking the time to build more storage areas.  Build a safe space to store things in your dining room.

Consider adding an ottoman with hidden storage for blankets and other living room clutter.  Get creative with your storage additions, and you’ll find there’s more space in your home than you may have once thought.  

Consider the arrangement of your furniture

The way in which you choose to arrange the furniture in your home will make a difference in how much actual living space you have to utilize.  

Delve into some research on what makes a couch look bulky and what makes a couch fit nicely into the designated room.  Placement is everything.  

Clean out the garage space

If your home has a garage packed with lots of stuff, you could be using that space to enhance your living areas.  Clean out the garage, and let your minds collaborate on how to use all of the free space you just opened up. You may even want to consider weatherizing the garage, so someone could use the space as a bedroom or den.