Home Improvement Projects That Can Boost Your Equity

Owning a home is an investment.  The obvious benefits of shelter and comfort are accompanied by financial benefits if you can keep your eyes on the long game.  Home improvement will cost you initially, but it’s truly an investment when you up your home’s equity.  

Home Improvement

If you’re not sure where you’ll get the most bang for your buck, a little research will do you well.  Start now by reading through this brief summary, featuring some home improvement projects that will do the most for boosting your equity. 

Bathroom remodel 

Homebuyers love bathroom remodels.  A clean, sleek bathroom is a good way to place your home high on the list of possibilities for future buyers.  

When you sell your home, you will recuperate an average of close to 70 percent of the money you put into your bathroom remodel.  If you can manage to do most of the work yourself, then you can save money on labor.  

Kitchen remodel

It may not be the most inexpensive place to remodel your home, but the kitchen is the heart of a home.  It’s always wise to invest in updating a space that gets so much attention from buyers.  

You don’t have to deck your kitchen in high-end finishes for it to be awesome.  Focus your efforts on energy efficiency and durability, and you can’t go wrong.  

Invest in new windows/doors

The windows and doors in your home are always a good investment as well.  You can’t have a home that leaks air everywhere, as the energy consumption would get overwhelming.  

It will help you save money while you’re still living in the home to make certain that your windows and doors aren’t drafty, and new windows/doors will help your home be more appealing to buyers in the future.  

Landscaping is important

Homebuyers value the beauty of a home with excellent curb appeal.  It’s wise to invest in gorgeous landscaping around your home. You’ll add value and “appeal” to your property by adding a few strategically placed trees, flowers, and seating areas.  

Curb appeal draws interest from potential buyers, and it makes your neighbors feel more at ease with your presence.  You and your family will also have the pleasure of enjoying the visual.  

Adding usable space to the floor plan

When you add more usable space to your floor plan, the sale value of your home rises.  Take the time to finish up the attic or basement space in your home, and your family will enjoy more than just an extra room.  

You can label the extra space as another bedroom, an office, or whatever your heart desires.  Enhance your listing by investing in some drywall, paint, and carpet.