Five reasons to declutter your home

Having a busy family life means you might leave some of the less desirable tasks to another day. When the weather’s beautiful outside and it’s an excellent opportunity to play in the yard with your children, how many of us have decided that it’s better to clean the oven or sort the laundry than to make memories?

No matter how long we put off some of our household duties, there are some we just can’t avoid. It’s not a fun job, but you may have thought it’s time to have a good clear out – but is it worth it? Here are some reasons why decluttering your home is a good idea.


You save time

As you find ways in which you can declutter your life, then you’ll find you have more time to participate in enjoyable activities. It takes time for you to move piles to vacuum, shuffling papers from place to place, and dusting around all your items.

It’s easier to clean

You’ll find that it’s easier to clean your home once it’s been cleared of any clutter. Insects and rodents prefer to live in places where items have been stacked up, for instance, leaving opportunities for garbage to fall into crevices that may then go unnoticed. So, if you remove these piles, you’ll find that these pests will often leave.

You get more room

Defining your space – no matter its size – can be tricky if you’re going through a period of transition in your life. You can’t use rooms that have been overtaken by unneeded items, so it may be time to either repurpose these objects or relocate them so you can liberate the space. You may then find you have space for an office, for example. You could use places such as Storage Space to store your items until you work out what you want to do with them.

It can save and make you money

The less you buy, the less you spend. It can also be expensive to get rid of your items even if you’ve gathered them at no cost. The amount you’ll spend on an item may not be just the sticker price – does it require maintenance, for instance, or will you need to hire someone if you want to move it?

However, you can make money by decluttering your wardrobe: you might be able to make back some cash on your investment in such items. Having a declutter will help you to make more money if you’re selling your home because a cluttered property will be more challenging to sell.

You’ve got more freedom

Clutter can hold you back if you’re looking to move to another property – or even another city or country. You’ll come across more logistical differences (and costs) if you do decide to move. Even if you’re not planning a relocation, you’ll find that having less stuff will make it less of a hassle to rearrange or redecorate a room. If you want to move your furniture for a fresh look, for example, then this will be easy if you don’t have anything in the way.

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