5 Tips For Becoming a Grandparent

One of the best parts of reaching retirement age is watching your children have children. The pride and joy of being a grandparent is like nothing else. However, along with the pride can also take some adjusting. After all, being a parent isn’t anything like being a grandparent.  

Since these are new waters for you, you may find yourself a little lost at times.  However, you’re in for a lot of joy. Here are some of the best tips for being the best grandparent that you can be. 


Let Your Child Be a Parent 

As much as you might be used to being the parent, now is your child’s turn.  Step aside and allow your child to be a parent. Even though you might be tempted to step in and start telling them what to do, it won’t do them any good. 

Give them the space to breathe and learn their own methods. Be positive and as flexible as possible, even though you might disagree with their methods. Assuming that they are adults, you should trust their better judgment. 

Don’t Show Up Uninvited 

When your grandchild is first born, you might feel like it’s your right to step in and see them immediately. However, the first few hours of a baby’s life are sacred. It’s a special bonding time for your child and their partner to connect with their baby. 

Don’t arrive and expect to be welcomed with open arms. Wait for them to invite you to see the new baby. Ultimately, it’s the new parents’ choice to make, not yours. 

Don’t Spoil Them (Too Much) 

Most grandparents can admit that they love spoiling their grandchildren. And while a little spoiling is perfectly fine, don’t go overboard. Enough is enough. It is possible to spoil a child with too many gifts, and may even affect your grandchildren later in their lives. 

Take it easy on the gifts and try to control yourself even though you’d like to shower them with whatever they want. 

Don’t Take It Personally 

If you give your opinion to your children about parenting, it’s important that you don’t take it personally if they choose not to take your advice seriously. Ultimately it’s their choice and not yours. Just because they don’t parent the same way as you doesn’t mean they don’t love you or respect you as a person. Don’t fret if they don’t do exactly what you want them to do. 

Don’t Force Bonding 

As much as you may love the new bundle of joy, grandparents have a different bond than the parents. Don’t force your grandchild into connecting with you too soon. Allow the bonding between you two to happen naturally over time.