How to Add a Modern Victorian Design Touch to Your Home

From statement fireplaces to luxurious curtains, Victorian interior design touches are a perennial home décor favorite and can really help to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. This is perhaps even more the case if you own a Victorian era property which still retains original features that you want to highlight.

However, don’t worry if you are apprehensive about adding this style to your home as there is a way to introduce Victorian interior design into your home without it looking like a museum piece. Here are some ways you can add a modern Victorian design touch to your home.

With central heating being a future luxury, ornate fireplaces were a necessary design feature in Victorian homes, as they provided rooms with heat as well as an eye-catching centerpiece. As such, you could consider adding a fireplace like this to your living room. If you already have a chimney, a wood burning fire will provide a cozy glow on cold winters evenings; alternatively, you could get an electric fire so that you have the look of flames without the potential safety hazard. As for the mantelpiece, look for ornate cast iron pieces. You could even salvage an original Victorian mantelpiece from house clearances or eBay.

Floor tiles
Many Victorian homes had tiled hallways to make high traffic areas easier toclean. These were often made up of a striking geometric design. If you live in a Victorian house, why not peek under the carpets? You might be lucky enough to have the original tiles intact! Reproduction Victorian floor tiles are widely available if you want to recreate the look or you could also use tile stencils for a cost effective, but no less beautiful, look. Floor tiles don’t have to be restricted to the hallway, either: they provide a striking design feature in a living room and are practical in a kitchen and bathroom..

Victorian curtains were generally very heavy and made of thick, ornate fabrics such as velvet and brocade.Rich fabrics not only helped to insulate the home from drafts, but they also demonstrated the home owner’s wealth to guests! To get the look yourself, find heavy fabrics with an ornate pattern in a rich color scheme, and make sure that they reach the floor. Alternatively, you could put up net curtains or blinds for a lighter Victorian look.

As you can probably tell by this point, the Victorians were big fans of ornate décor, and their wallpaper was no exception. Look for stylized floral designs in rich colors, such as an art nouveau design, and perhaps consider using a contrasting wallpaper below the dado. You could even opt for anaglypta wallpaper, a textured wallpaper that was popular in the Victorian era and remains popular to this day. Anaglypta is available in both heritage and contemporary styles, so whether you want a either a period-correct or modern look you can still insert a Victorian wallpaper element into your home.