How to Create a Healthy Home for a Family Pet

family pet

Every animal deserves a healthy, happy home. If you are considering welcoming a pet into your family, you must provide a secure, comfortable, and healthy environment for them to flourish and grow throughout the years.

While every animal has different requirements, most pets will have similar basic needs to live a happy, full life. It doesn’t matter if you are welcoming a dog, cat, hamster, or fish; read the following advice on how to create a healthy home for a family pet.

A Balanced, Nutritious Diet

A balanced diet could expand your pet’s lifespan and prevent them from developing an obesity-related disease. Avoid under or overfeeding your pet by talking to a qualified veterinarian about your pet’s nutritional needs.

Also, you must provide the correct type and amount of pet food to ensure they maintain a healthy weight. Your pet should also have access to fresh water throughout the day, and treats shouldn’t exceed 10% of their recommended calorie intake.

Daily Exercise

Most pets will require some form of daily exercise, such as daily walks, swimming, or playing with various toys. Regular physical activity will help your pet burn calories, remain fit and mobile, and enjoy mental stimulation throughout the day.

Of course, every animal will have different exercise requirements. If you plan to welcome a dog into your home, their breed, age, and size will determine their exercise needs. As a rule, most dogs require between 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

Indoor cats will often need 30 minutes of indoor play each day. However, outdoor cats may require less time to exercise, as they will be on the go throughout the day in the natural environment.

If in doubt, talk to a vet about your pet’s daily exercise needs and the products that support an active lifestyle.

Routine Veterinary Care

Animals are susceptible to various serious diseases that can impact their quality of life or shorten their lifespan. Annual wellness exams will allow a vet to detect a disease early, as they can spot the warning signs of a life-threatening illness.

Routine exams, treatments, and vaccines don’t need to be expensive, as you can take your pet along to an affordable veterinary clinic like easyvet, which offers packages and plans to help pet owners save money.

In addition to organizing check-ups and vaccines, your pet may need:

  • Annual oral care
  • Flea, tick, and heartworm prevention
  • Microchipping
  • Allergy treatments

Love and Affection

While some pets are happy to be left to their own devices, such as fish, others may require regular attention, such as a dog and cat. Affection from an owner will not only make your pet feel loved, but it can strengthen your bond, which will improve their happiness in the home. For this reason, you must only welcome a pet into your life if you can provide it with the love, care, and attention it will need to live a full, happy life.