3 Issues That Can Cause You To Fight With Your Family


Every family has conflicts every so often, and everybody has fought with a family member before. Sometimes fights within families are much worse than fights with anyone else because there is so much love and history involved that it can be easy to get hurt. There are many issues that commonly come up within a family dynamic that are sure to cause fights and arguments. Here are 3 examples of such issues.


When you or your family members begin aging, this can be the cause for some pretty heated and emotionally charged disagreements. Whether you are trying to find an assisted living community to move a parent into or you need to start making decisions about a grandparent’s deteriorating health, aging is scary and can be cause for a lot of fights within families.

Do your best to try and stay level-headed and calm when talking about these types of issues with family and if you begin to feel like a fight is about to happen, take a step back and come back to the conversation once everyone involved has had a chance to cool off.


Probably the number one cause of big arguments and fights within families is money. Spouses tend to fight with each other about money a lot when they feel like one person is spending too much or too frivolously. These types of fights can lead to separation and divorce if you aren’t careful, and your spouse may not the only person you have fights about money with.

Parents and children also have fights about money and it can really strike a nerve. Because of this, approach the subject of finances gently whenever starting a conversation with a family member. If things start to get heated, back off and choose to come back to that subject later once people have had a chance to think about it and calm down.


Having children is another huge reason people fight with their families. Especially if you are just now having your first child, older family members such as parents, in-laws, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. may feel the need to give you unsolicited advice on how to raise your child.

This doesn’t go over well with may people and can actually be the cause of big fights within families because most parents don’t want advice on how to raise their children. Try not to overstep your boundaries when it comes to other people’s kids and don’t allow yourself to get in fights with those you love just because they are giving you advice you don’t want.

Having fights with your family is hard but just remember it is something everyone goes through. Hopefully reading this list will help you avoid the above topics turning into huge and unnecessary fights!

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