Helping Kids Cope With Moving House

moving home

Moving is a big deal for everyone moving. Even if your children don’t tell you, it’s stressful for them as well. But this journey could be a great opportunity for your family to live more comfortably. If you have thought about moving and researched how much your house is worth, let’s figure out what you can do to get your family their dream home.

Talk About It

The best way to help your kids get more comfortable with moving to a new house or neighborhood is to keep communications open. Let them know that you are there to listen when they want to tell you how they feel about it. It can be difficult for children to leave a comfortable home.

You should explain to them how the home is going to be benefiting everyone. You should get them excited about moving. Answer questions they have about what the new home will be like and what living will be like when you arrive there. Explain the adjustments they may have to make and how it’s just a temporary feeling.

The worst thing you can do is to push them away and dismiss their feelings about the move. This is especially important when it comes to moving to a new school district or neighborhood. Even more important is that the whole family keeps communications clear and comforting for the betterment of everyone.

Take a Trip

Take your whole family to your potential new home before the move. The whole new home event should be done as a family. Everyone will be living there, not just you. Take everyone’s thoughts into consideration when it comes to your house hunting. A real estate agent can help find you specifically what you are looking for.

Once you have some options, you should make a trip there at least once. You will be living in this new area and you should get a feel for the neighborhood. Go with your family and stay at a local inn. Go out to dinner, take a walk down Main St. or go to the park around the corner. Get yourself familiar with your driving routes and how close your new home is to amenities.

This will help to ease everyone’s nerves about the new area. If you are able to visit the home as well, you should take that opportunity. Let the kids see their new rooms and that will really set them over the edge. They will be more excited about the adventure instead of fear of the unknown.

Special Touch

If you are looking to go the extra mile to really help your kiddo adjust, consider what you can do to make it extra special for them. Maybe spend a little extra money and get them a new bedroom set. You can set it up before anyone else’s room so that they can be extra comfortable. If you really know your kid, you can make it a surprise and do a whole room makeover.

If you think it can help as well, make the first night there an event! You could have a big sleepover at your new house and let your kids bring a friend and you can all camp out in the half-empty living room, hook up the tv and watch movies. Plus you’ll have extra hands to help you unpack.

Ultimately, you just need to tell your children what to expect and be there for them if they are upset. Even if they aren’t upset, the transition is stressful for everyone. Tension may be high during these times and that is normal. Take the pressure off where you are able to and give your family the room they need to feel how they feel.

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