Fun you can have with your newborn


Having a newborn baby is exhausting and very stressful. Whether it’s your first child or your eighth, you never get quite used to the ever-present panic when it comes to caring for a defenseless child. However, it can also be very, very boring. They don’t do much after all, and remain pretty limited regarding sparkling conversation and delightful wit. They’re far more likely to spend their time sleeping until you’re ready for a nap, and then it’s back to the changing nappies, feeding routine, and (if you’re lucky), maybe an extra nap in the afternoon. If you’re feeling a little trapped by this tiny being that suddenly has total control of your life, then you may well need a reminder that even newborns can be great fun.

Go shopping!

Having a new family member doesn’t mean that you need to stay stuck in the house for the next few years. In fact, you can still do your weekly shop with baby along for the ride! Obviously, you could opt to do your shopping online and simply have it delivered, but that’s not going to help you if you’re feeling a little restricted and the walls are starting to feel a little too close. Taking your baby around the supermarket can be fun, and provides them with a vast amount of stimulation. From the colors to the smells and the bright packaging, some newborns love supermarket time. They get to spend time with their parent and get to check out the strange world at the same time.

Introduce them to your music 

You don’t have to limit your musical experiences these days to the theme tune of Paw Patrol or the nightmare fuel of the Teletubbies. While those options may seem like the obvious ones, you’re probably better off getting the stereo on and singing those classics as you dance around the room. Not only will it be of obvious benefit for your own mental health, the list of benefits that playing a variety of music is huge, and music can be used a key development tool as well as great way to bond over your favorite 90s albums. However, make sure your music isn’t too loud; you don’t want to damage their sensitive ear drums or make them cry!

Have a picnic

Getting out of the usual rooms is good for all of you, and your baby will appreciate the new environment as much as you do. Whether it’s a trip to the local park or even simply laying a blanket down in the garden, your baby will enjoy the breeze, the sights, and sounds that relaxing outdoors provides. If you’re looking for ways to encourage mental stimulation, then what could better than having lunch away from the usual routine and surrounding your baby with the world? Fresh air and a stimulating new environment will be good for both of you.

Have a home video day 

If you have old video footage of your life, then having a video day with your baby can be great fun. While they might not really understand why they’re seeing familiar faces on the television, nor understand what a wedding day is, babies love seeing new things. With video footage so easily shared these days, even showing them Uncle Tom’s video of his latest gig, or their cousin’s ballet performance, can get them giggling uncontrollably.

Learn a language

It sometimes feels as if you’re killing time when you have a newborn baby. You’re either waiting for naps or counting down until the next feed, but there’s only so much housekeeping that can realistically be done before you go insane. Instead, take that spare time to learn a new skill, and when it comes to learning a language, it’s never been easier. With free resources like Duolingo available, learning a language is easy and time-manageable. Of course, do it when your baby is awake, and while it might not make your toddler fluent, research has shown that children exposed to different languages at an early age can increase their chances of learning those languages later in life.

Have a photo shoot

Creating lasting memories has never been easier. Taking pictures of your newborn and uploading them to social media is a great way to have fun with your baby and of course, keep those grandparents happy too. Babies love seeing their faces on screens! However, if you’re after something a little different, having a professional photographer take a variety of pictures can be incredibly fun while also creating those reminders that you can look back at when they’re teenagers and you want to kill them! Depending on what kind of photos you want, there are a wide range of options, and this newborn photographer lists some of the best options.

Go swimming

It seems that all babies love to go swimming. The new sounds and smells can get them very excited, and the joy of swimming can be introduced at any age. Your baby may have spent months in a womb-temperature pool of its own, but they will love a session in the local swimming pool. As well as being great fun, swimming with your baby has benefits too. Not only is it a good workout for you, it can also improve your baby’s confidence, strength, and coordination. Of course, perhaps the best benefit of taking your baby swimming is that the exercise might wear them out and they may even sleep right through the night.

Get some culture

Obviously, your baby is not going to able to grasp the finer points of the impressionists, but that shouldn’t stop you taking them to a local art gallery or museum for the day. A great outing can be had, and your baby will be overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of a bit of culture. Some galleries and museums even have designated time slots for parents, and these can make it considerably easier for you to enjoy the day too. The best thing about taking your baby to an art gallery is that the rooms seem almost designed for short attention spans with their sudden transformations of space, so babies can really experience the stimuli at a pace that pleases you all.

Not all of these activities are for everyone, so it’s best that you tailor your fun time to those things that you enjoy. By involving your newborn, you encourage bonding, while also giving them the best start in life that you can.