How to teach your kids to make the right decisions in life

right decession

One of the most crucial steps that any parent can make is teaching their kids how to make positive and beneficial decisions in life. In fact, ensuring that your little ones learn how to choose the right path over the wrong one can make sure that they grow and develop into successful and happy adults. Remember that the choices and decisions that your children make as they journey on towards adulthood will dictate the people that they become, and the path that their lives follow. Sadly, exterior factors and popular culture can seriously affect your kid’s decision-making skills meaning that your little ones are brainwashed into choosing the clothes that they wear, the food that they enjoy and even the music and movies that they like depending on what is currently in vogue.


It is up to you as a parent to encourage and support your kids in their quest to remain individual and follow through when it comes to making choices that are more in keeping with their own interests and personality. When it comes to raising good decision makers, you need to remember that this is a process that will take time depending on their age, interests and how mature your child is. It is stupid and reckless to think that you can give small children a lot more power when it comes to decision making, as they will fast feel overwhelmed and stressed by being able to choose for themselves. Be sure to provide your little ones with a range of choices, and they will soon learn to make a choice that will keep them feeling happy, and make you feel like you have done your job well as a parent. Once your kids grow and mature, you can begin to increase the offer of choices and alternatives that are available to them. You can also raise the importance of the decisions that they need to make also, such as what time that they go to bed or whether they can play a certain video game. With each choice that they make they should take responsibility for their actions. Little by little, your kids will realize what happens if they make the wrong choices, such as eating too many candies, as they will suffer from a stomachache. Kids learn to make good decisions through trial and error.

Allow bad decisions

Believe it or not, if you want your kids to grow into good decision makers, then you need to make sure that they also slip up along the way. Your child should be able to make decisions for themselves, so this also means that they need to learn what to do if they make a bad choice or mess up. When it comes to making choices, for young children this will be going to bed too late on a school late and waking up feeling tired and grumpy. While older kids may be tempted to experiment with alcohol, cigarettes or even drugs, as they may be offered to try these by their peers or friends. It is vital that you explain to your kids what happens if they develop an addiction or issue with these substances and talk to them about the centers that are available for adults that need help to get back on the right track such as The Recovery Village Ridgefield. Be sure that your kids understand the implications of making the wrong decision, and the impact that these choices can have on their overall health and well-being. While you are not encouraging your kids to make these lifestyle choices, it is vital that they understand the implications of falling off the straight and narrow, and how society reacts to this. If you allow your little ones to make bad decisions from a young age, your kids will quickly learn that messing up can be painful and tricky to recover from, meaning they are less likely to be tempted as they grow older.


Another vital step in letting your kids learn how to make the right decisions in life is explaining the consequences that await them from choosing the wrong option or alternative. Not only will your kids make the right decisions if they experience consequences from eating too many candies, but it is crucial that you act as a parent and ensure that any erroneous actions are discussed or punished as you see fit. If your kids have caused their own stomachache, then you may want to sit down with them and discuss how they feel and ask them whether they will be eating candies again in the future. While if your kids have experimented with stronger substances, then you should be sure to punish them for these actions, in particular, if they are underage. While trying new things is part of the rite of passage for kids and young adults, you should ensure that any misjudgments are dealt with accordingly so that your little ones still maintain respect at home. Make sure that your children understand that you dictate what is right and wrong under your roof.

If you are looking to teach your kids how to make the right decisions in life, then it is never too early to start. Remember that you should begin by offering your younger kids a few options for them to choose from so that they do not feel overwhelmed and stressed. Be sure to talk to your kids about the consequences of making poor lifestyle decisions, and explain what this can do for their overall health and wellness also. As a parent, it is up to you as to whether you see fit to put a punishment in place, in particular, if your kids have fallen off the straight and narrow and are making damaging diet and lifestyle choices. While you want to allow your kids to make some bad decisions, it is crucial that you prevent any damaging or harmful behavior as this could seriously impact your children’s wellbeing. Support your kids, and they will remain on the right path.