Messy Kids? Here Are 4 Tips For Keeping Your House Clean

Every parent loves their children.  However, as any parent knows, kids can be very messy to live with.  A cluttered home is to be expected when you share your living space with little ones.  You don’t have to except living in chaos, however. By using the right techniques and communicating as a family, you too can keep your house clean with kids.

Take a look at some of the best tips for staying on top of the cleaning despite your messy roommates.

Choose Kid Friendly Materials

Unfortunately, accidents happen when you live with children.  Things get spilled, splashed, and dripped on regardless of how much you tried to survey your kids.  The best way to guard against things getting ruined and stained is to choose kid-friendly materials.

That means choosing flooring which is easily wiped clean.  You should also choose furniture which won’t easily absorb stains.  Sorry to break the news, but you can kiss white furniture and carpets goodbye for the next 18 to 20 years.  Focus on patterns and stain resistant fabrics. Not only will you save money but you may also have a better chance at preserving your sanity.

Clean Up One Mess Before Starting Another

Kids can be more like Tasmanian Devils than human beings at times.  In a matter of minutes, they can turn your living room into a hurricane zone. It’s essential to teach them the value of cleaning one mess before starting another.

One of the biggest mistakes that many parents make is assuming their child is too young two know how to clean.  However, studies show that teaching children as young as a year old to clean up their mess has effective results.  Teach your kids that you are not the maid. If they make a mess, it is their responsibility to put their belongings away.

Give Everything a Home

Just like any organized workroom or garage, every tool has its place.  Your house should be the same. In order to avoid clutter, your children should have a designated area for each toy.

Having a system in place will not only make things easier to clean, but also easier to find.  The easiest way to keep things organized with very little fuss is to place boxes with the labels throughout the house.  

Involve The Kids With Cleaning

The younger your child is, the better.  Small toddlers love being able to help out mommy and daddy. Don’t be shy to hand them the vacuum or the broom and get them involved cleaning up.  Initially they may make more of a mess than contribute to the actual cleaning; however, it’s a great place to start.
As they get older, they’ll know how to properly clean, and you’ll be able to rely on them to help you out around the house.

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