What is an Eternity Ring and When Should You Give One?

Eternity rings have been around for thousands of years. They are usually given between romantic partners or lovers on special occasions. But how did this tradition start, and when might you consider giving one? Read on to find out…

Eternity Ring

History of the eternity ring

The giving of eternity rings goes backalmost 4000 years, when ancient Egyptian husbands gave them to their wives, as a symbol of their love. Among the earliest examples were rings that looked similar to snakes eating their own tails. The image represents eternity, or ‘Ouroboros’, the implication being that the giver’s love for his spouse will last forever. Today, eternity rings come in many materials, shapes, and patterns.

What does an eternity ring mean?

An eternity ring often means a promise of commitment and love. In this way, it can be as meaningful as an engagement ring or wedding ring. A couple who have decided not to marry, or who aren’t yet at that stage in their relationship, may instead opt for eternity rings as a sign of commitment.

A secondrepresentationof an eternity ring is its symbolism of the circle of life. For some couples, an eternity ring might be a perfect gift when they bring their first baby into the world.

Overall, eternity rings still symbolize eternal love, and are usually gifted on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or valentine’s day.

When should you give an eternity ring?

As mentioned above, you can give an eternity ring whenever you wish to commit to eternal love. It is often used as an anniversary gift. A person may give one on a one-year wedding anniversary, to remind their partner that they still feel the same as they did on their wedding day. An eternity ring is also a popular choice for significant wedding anniversaries such as 25-years or 50-years. However, even if you’re not married, an eternity ring can still be a wonderful and appropriate gift. If you feel that you’ve reached a milestone, or an important moment in your relationship, a symbol of eternal love in the shape of a ring might be the perfect gift.

How should someone wear an eternity ring?

A wedding ring traditionally sits on the third finger of the left hand. The wearer usually places their engagement ring on top of the wedding band, to ensure it doesn’t come off. An eternity ring is generally worn on the same finger, above the other two. If you’re not married, the eternity ring can sit on the ‘ring finger’ regardless. However, there are no rules about this. For any number of reasons, it might be that you’d prefer the ring to sit on the third finger of the right hand. Whichever finger you wear it on, the eternity ring will still have the same meaning.

What should an eternity ring look like?

In modern society, eternity rings are often solid bands with equally spaced diamonds or other stones around the circumference. They come in a variety of materials and sizes, and it’s often sensible to purchase the ring that your partner will love, rather than what you feel is traditional. Nuggets By Grant offer a range of beautiful, unique rings. The most important thing about giving an eternity ring is the meaning you place in it. Choose a ring that’s just right for your spouse or lover, and they will wear it forever. An eternity ring is a beautiful commitment.