DIY Planting Projects to Keep Your Kids Busy on Rainy Days in Spring

planting project

After a long winter when some days are too cold and blustery for the kids to play outside for any length of time, spring finally arrives. Then, what happens? The spring rains begin and it is now too wet and muddy to do much playing outdoors, so moms are frantically trying to keep kids busy. What about trying a few DIY projects you can find in the kids’ section on the DIY Formula website? However, spring does lend itself well to projects they can bring outside when the sun finally decides to peek back out. You might want to try a couple of these! Continue reading →

4 Things to Remember When Hiking with Children


The great outdoors is a marvelous place of beauty and adventure. Hiking is a wonderful way to get out and explore nature, but it can be a little intimidating to think about going hiking with children. At each age, there are different things to consider. From having the proper gear to making sure that kids are drinking enough water, here are four things to remember when hiking with children. Continue reading →

How to Keep Your Family Warmer or Cooler Each Season


Keeping your family cool in the summer or warm in the winter may seem like a priority, but there are better, cheaper ways to accomplish the same goal. You don’t need to keep your air conditioning or the heating on whenever your children are home. This is a waste of money that could be better spent on other things for your family. Instead, use these simple hacks to make the most of your warm or cool air.
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Less That Festive Fixes – 6 Tips For Protecting Your Plumbing Through the Holiday Season


Your plumbing is one of the most important aspects of your home, as it funnels the life-giving fluid to your home, and takes waste away tirelessly. You don’t realise how often you use your plumbing until it’s taken away, and random occurrences, as well as long-term damage can result in your plumbing dropping out entirely at the worst possible times.
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3 Ways A Sandwich Generation Caregiver Can Stay Healthy


As part of the sandwich generation, your resources and effort are spread thin. You are caring for your parents as well as your children and your time to yourself is limited. You are continually answering the needs of your small children and ailing parents and rarely have a moment to yourself. While you may feel like you are doing the best you can, you need to take time to care for yourself, so you will always be there when your parents and children need you the most. Uses these tips to keep yourself charged and stress-free as a caregiver of the sandwich generation. Continue reading →

How to Save Money in Life’s Greatest Milestones


In our lifetime, we are sure to experience some of life’s greatest milestones. These milestones can be as small as our first kiss (although it’s not considered small at the time), to starting our first fulltime job or having our first child. While these milestones can be both equally exciting and nerve-wracking, they can also be expensive. Buying your first house, getting married, raising a child – they’re all costly endeavors – and with so many of them, saving money while still having a great time is ideal. For ideas on how to save money in life’s greatest milestones, read the following:
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