The Parents’ Guide to E-Commerce


Calling all stay-at-home parents! The choice to leave paid employment and become a stay-at-home parent is a difficult one. It can be incredibly draining to your finances without those extra hours of wages, even if you now total job satisfaction. If you are struggling to find work to fit around your (and your child’s) schedule, selling items online from home can be a great income boost.


The first step to creating your new business enterprise is to choose your product or service. It will help to browse online shopping websites and get an idea for any gaps in the market – or alternatively, anything that is already popular but that you can add a twist to. You should also think about your range of skills. Parents with an aptitude for languages could look into freelance translation services; while the more creatively minded can create beautiful handmade items for sale. Handmade crafts, clothes, furniture, and art are all viable potential products – if you can name it, you can probably sell it.


Once you have decided on your product, think about the hosting of your business and how you will market it. Anything hand-crafted can be sold on sites like Etsy and Folksy easily, and do most of the marketing for you. In other instances, you need to find your customers and target them appropriately: for example, if you are having a clear out of old clothes, take note of any fashion trends and market them as such. Make sure you know your customer, and if you are using sites such as Ebay or Amazon be sure to tag your products with the correct search terms so they will be found!


Finally, consider your customers’ and your own needs when finishing the transaction and sending the items to them. It makes sense to have an express delivery option available to your customer, should they be shopping at the last minute Consider also that your shipping method is appropriate to the product: small trips to the post office are viable for small and inexpensive items like stationery and greeting cards. Heavier and more valuable items should be entrusted to a reliable shipping service – a huge advantage of which is that you don’t even need to leave the house to drop off items to sell, when they can be collected and delivered for you.

The Best Adrenaline Sports You and the Kids Can Do from Home


Adrenaline is released in all types of exercise but the amount depends on the intensity and duration of the exercise. The higher your adrenaline levels the more likely you are to enjoy the exercise and perform better. While going for a jog may burn off some calories with a slight increase in adrenaline, doing a higher adrenaline based activity will have a far greater effect.

Unfortunately most high adrenaline sports require a lot of equipment, special training or travel. However, there are a few adrenaline fuelled activities you can do from home (or nearby) that will get your heart rate pumping.
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Renovate Your House In A Budget Friendly Manner

The interiors of your household can play an important role in setting your standard or style statementwhich people commonly people wish to show off. There are many people who focus on getting expensive decorative pieces and furniture so that they can provide a unique and classy look to the house. Overspending can sometimes lead you in serious trouble. It is therefore recommended to research on some of the best cost cutting tips that will help you in designing a beautiful home within your budget.

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Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas for 2015


Teen bedrooms can be challenging places to choose a good look for. Teens tend to use their bedrooms for way more of their activities than adults do, for example studying, hanging out with their friends, watching TV and surfing the internet all tend to be done in the same room where they sleep. This means the room needs to be a lot more flexible than an adult bedroom, but also needs to be stylish. Teens generally care about moving away from childish design elements and having something trendy and modern that makes them feel grown up and impresses their friends (rather than embarrassing them by demonstrating how much they used to love Hannah Montana a few years ago), so your teen may well want a new bedroom look more regularly than the practical need to decorates arises!
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How to Plan a Holiday Taking a Toddler and a Dog

Family at the beach

Going on a holiday is something that you very much anticipate as the parent of a toddler and a pet owner. But the process of planning a getaway can be difficult if you’re hoping to take your dog with you so that you don’t have to leave him behind and worry about his well being while you’re gone.

Although there are many great reasons to take your dog on holiday with you, it can be overwhelming. But the tips below will help you plan the best escape from your daily grind while enjoying the relaxed company of your little one and your furry friend.

Find an Ideal Pet-Friendly Spot

To make the most of your holiday with your entire family, do your research into the best pet-friendly getaway spots around the world. You may be surprised by how many beautiful places there are to check out that all gladly allow pets.

For example, you can head off on an outdoor adventure that includes camping and other fun outdoor activities. You can also visit one of the many peaceful vineyards that are pet-friendly. Or you can even find a waterfront retreat, whether it’s at a lake or near the ocean, where your dog can play in the waves alongside his human family. And, of course, there are plenty of big and beautiful cities to discover and tour with your baby and your dog.

With so many options, you can set up a getaway and a holiday excursion that you’ve never experienced before and that you’ll never forget.

Book a Dog-Friendly Hotel

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to the best pet-friendly destinations, you then have to find the best dog friendly hotels in the area that are also within your budget and provide you with all of the amenities you require.

While some hotels are completely dog-friendly and allow you to book any room, there are also many others that have a limited number of rooms available for travellers with pets, so be sure to book as early as possible to get the best accommodation and rate.

Book an All-Inclusive Resort

One of the easiest ways to book a fabulous holiday is by setting up your stay at an all-inclusive family-friendly resort. This is because you’ll be able to get a comfortable room to stay in, and perhaps one that even has a large living area and kitchen to work in, which is perfect for travelling with toddlers.

But even if you’d rather have everything done for you, an all-inclusive resort will provide you with all of the foods and drinks your heart desires because it’s all included in the room rate. This means you’ll really be able to kick back and relax, which is important for a busy mom.

Plus, resorts also provide plenty of fun activities for kids and adults. And if you find an all-inclusive resort that is also pet-friendly, you’ll be able to enjoy activities with your dog while taking in the gorgeous views and enjoying delicious food.

Kitchen Design Choices For A Simpler Life

kitchen designs

For the vast majority of households in the UK, the kitchen is one of the most significant venues in the home, hosting all manner of interactions throughout the day. Far from simply a location to cook and eat, the kitchen is as much a social and practical space – especially for those with kids. When it comes to choosing a new kitchen design, there are loads of things you should take into account, from the practicalities of the room through to those unique design features that can transform your kitchen into a seriously value-added space. So what considerations should you take into account when choosing a style for your new kitchen?
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Why do you measure the baby’s head?

In medical reviews pediatrician measures the baby’s head to check that the brain is developing properly.


During the first two years, at each checkup , the doctor measures the head of the baby to see if it is growing properly.

It is important to monitor this because the brain child continues to grow after birth and the dimensions of the head are one of the tracks indicate the pediatrician who is unfolding as it should.

Is it normal to have a big head?

Parents often are set in your newborn has a disproportionately larger than the body and this strange head them. Do not worry, it’s normal . Eventually head and body proportions are adjusted.

Problems, very rare

baby headsize

  • Typically, the head grows at the right pace, but occasionally (very rare), the pediatrician notes that the size of the head is lower than that corresponding to the age of thebaby and this may mean that the brain is not growing at the proper speed.
  • Otherwise it may also happen that the head acquires a larger size than it should have.This may be a sign of hydrocephalus ( increased cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the head).

Both problems are very rare and, fortunately, easy to recognize, as it often accompanied by obvious neurological symptoms.

Move, grab, play

The mobility of the boy evolves very rapidly during their first year. In addition, there are games and toys to stimulate it.


With these hands

When we talk about fine motor skills we mean the ability of the child acquires his hands. The more you practice with them, be more agile, but in general, these are the milestones in its development during the first year:

  • With three months.Board hands over his chest.
  • With six months. Spend things from hand to hand.
  • With nine months.Hold increasingly small objects with one or both hands.
  • With 12 months.Grab small things with his index finger and thumb (makes the “clip”).
  • From the year.Take objects precisely, piling things, put one inside the other …

The possibilities hands give the child to explore the world are unique. To exercise this skill you can encourage him: take large, medium and small objects, stack them or take them from one place to another; put things in a box, take them out and re-save; turn the pages of a story, do puzzles and constructions, press the buttons of his toys “to see what little sound or what song we hear”; Five wolves moving interpret each finger independently; note where your nose, eyes, mouth and yours is !; scribble with crayons and finger paints; rip paper; try to catch the water while bathing and see how it slips through your fingers and lots of other things.

kids playing

Feet, what I want to!

Gross motor has to do with the global movement; ie with changes in body position, crawling, balancing, crawling, the ability to turn on itself, etc.

  • With three months.Raise your head when lying down, resting on the forearms.
  • With six months.Holding his head. He turns back to face down and vice versa.
  • With nine months.He sits alone with your back straight and head control. It creeps and crawls.
  • With 12 months.It can keep standing holding onto furniture or leaning against the wall.
  • From the year.It throws to walk. From now on there will be no one can stop him!

Gradually the child gains muscle tone, agility and speed in their movements. The evolution is progressive and must never force you to move faster than it takes its rhythm.

There are exercises for each stage and, right now, these are a must: put a pad upside down; let him lying on his back on a blanket of activities to kick her feet to dolls; clear the hallway and encourage him to crawl;up and down stairs in your hand; play ball; winding the electric train to chase; jump and walk out of your hand; he races, go on one leg, play English hideout behind the shoe, ride a tricycle …

How to Treat Infertility: Three Artificial Treatments That Work

Infertility has been a problem for most couples. In fact, there are more couples that deal with it than you think. The problem with infertility is that it is an issue that is rarely talked about mainly because it is an issue that is thought to be shameful. Aside from the fact that people are quite judgmental when it comes to having a wife or a husband, they can be ruthlessly judgmental when it comes to having a son and a daughter. With this, more and more couples are looking for ways to bear a child. From superstitions to natural treatments, there are still some artificial treatments that may be quite expensive but are proven to work.

Three Girlfriends Sitting On Steps Of Building


First are medications. This is where the woman or the man is asked to take certain medications for fertility. First, there are some hormone treatments that are used by women who have ovulation issues. The usual medicine is Clomid or Serophene. This is an anti-estrogen drug that is proven to treat women who are ovulating normally but may be facing some problems. The usual dosage is 50-150mg per day. Medications can vary so be sure to ask your doctor before taking anything.

Artificial Insemination

For women who don’t have problems but have infertile men, artificial insemination can be a good solution to their problems. This is where they choose a sperm from a so-called sperm bank and that sperm is used to fertilize their egg. The good thing about this is that you can usually choose your sperm donor. This will let you choose not only how your child will look like but what genes he or she will have.

In Vitro Fertilization

Last but not the least is in vitro fertilization. In fact, I think that this is the most popular among the three. This is a treatment where a healthy egg is fertilized by a sperm in a laboratory and injected into a woman’s uterus. The egg or the sperm can be donated depending on who in the couple have some fertility issues.

If you’re looking into some of these artificial treatments, I highly recommend that you go the ‘in vitro’ route. Sure, it can be quite expensive but it is almost guaranteed. You can always search for healthy donors by looking up the words “egg” or “sperm” along with your location. For example, you can type egg donation san antonio in your search and you’ll uncover some fertility centers in your area.

Help Make Exercise Fun For Your Children With a Custom-Built Play System

When we were young, we used to tell time by the streetlights. Everyone has fond memories of playing out in the street before dark, only to be called in for dinnertime. Most adults recall the endless hours of playing outside, the games, the imaginary worlds created with our neighbours and our friends from school. Unfortunately, today’s children have quite the opposite mindset. The vast majority of contemporary children dreads playing outside and would prefer to hang out instead on their video game console systems, family computer and television. Contemporary research has shown thatan emerging generation of children spends about five and half hours of play outside per week, which is drastic compared to the 19 hours a week outside spent by children in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Children with Family

There are many contributing circumstances to this drastic change of activity. A new reliance on technology, double income households and a fear of child predators and safety has made playing outside seem like a dangerous proposition. Yet playing outside can be an amazing way to bond with your children and help them get some much needed exercise. There are ways to convince your children to walk out into their backyard to play. First, consider building an outdoor gym for your child. Swingsets and basketball nets are a relatively inexpensive investment, especially when compared to the hours a child would spend playing on their brand new Xbox or tablet. Children receive a lot of physical benefits from the mere act of swinging or shooting around for 20 minutes. This popular pastime is important for a child’s development as it helps develop balance and hand-eye coordination which is vital to everyday living. These simple acts of exercise may also assist in building up your child’s focus and attention.

An outdoor play structure, such as a jungle gym, will develop your child’s physical motor development as well fostering an environment for imaginative play and social interaction. Jungle gyms work physical muscles as well their intellectual development. For your kids, they can be a fun experience of challenge-building core strength and visual motor skills as they skip from bar to bar. With a little imagination, suddenly they’re traveling through a fort or a castle. This kind of imaginative interaction with the outside world draws on different muscles and awareness than the skills a child might develop as they play video games, or by watching television. Time playing basketball with their friends can help to foster fine motor skills, social awareness, problem solving and cause and effect. As your children learn to share and take turns, they will develop a keen awareness of other people. All of these lessons can happen in addition to the exercise they’ll obtain while having fun!

By providing your children with a structurally sound outdoor play system, you are contributing to their better overall health and educational development. Better yet, incorporate your child’s thoughts and ideas when designing a play structure with a reputable manufacturer. For the sports lover, add a basketball hoop. (The manufacturer Play Rainbow sells a series of customizable basketball systems that can be adjusted as your child grows taller, go to to see more details.) The pirate enthusiast may enjoy a built-in helm. Many play structures feature rock climbing walls, rope swings and zip lines. But for you and your child, the sky is the limit on the design, whether you’re pushing them on a backyard swing or helping them to win the NBA finals.