Girls Learn Best In Classroom Settings Combined With Outdoor Learning


Girls do their best learning when they experience a combination of in-classroom learning along with outdoor educational opportunities. The best way to teach girls includes making them feel loved and accepted and letting them know that they are supported. They must also know that the school, teachers and faculty along with their parents believes in them and in their unique abilities.

A great girls’ school will foster these feelings of independence and confidence. There will be an environment of doing instead of sitting all day listening to lectures. Girls learn by participating in activities. Real learning is found through doing things and by going outside of comfort zones and trying new things.

NOLS Partners With Archer School For Girls To Teach Girls In Ways They Learn Best

The Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles partners with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) to hold several outdoor learning experiences each year for Archer students. Adding an outdoor learning aspect to traditional studies broadens the students horizons, teaching them concepts like:

– How to handle adversity and persevere through challenging situations

– Helps to develop character that otherwise might not be developed in traditional classroom experiences

– Develops confidence and a can-do attitude

– Helps girls learn organizational skills and how to take care of themselves

– Develops effective leadership skills

– Teaches girls how to work cooperatively with others

Elizabeth English Archer at NOLS brought up some great points when she addressed NOLS instructors at a faculty presentation. She said that girls often leave the outdoor learning experience feeling a sense of pride and confidence that they might not have had before. They have a feeling that they can handle anything that comes their way in life and that they can be strong and independent.

What NOLS Instructors Do To Create A Positive Experience

NOLS instructors know that their students learn best by taking on new challenges and even by making mistakes. Teachers know when to instruct and when to stand back and observe students. They only talk when necessary instead of micro-managing the girl’s activities. They act as a combination of coach and instructor.

The number one concern of parents and of NOLS instructors is the safety of the students. Girls do learn by taking risks, but they are well thought out risks. Girls learn to listen to their natural instincts and to make a good assessment of any danger. Instructors are there to make sure the girls stay safe through their learning experience.

Girls Graduate Prepared To Become Leaders In Life

High quality learning experiences in the developmental years helps girls to become strong women leaders. They experience success in areas that girls often don’t go into, including engineering, math, technology and science career fields. They find an interest in life-long learning and aspire to greatness.

Girls graduate from excellent girls’ schools with qualities like being ethical and responsible leaders. They become women that people look up to and aspire to be like. They are not afraid to take well thought out, considered risks in life.

They stay inquisitive throughout life. When they don’t know answers to questions, they have the ability to find the answers. Independence and resilience are acquired qualities that serve girls well throughout life.

Quality Nursing Homes in Sussex to Care for Loved Ones

nursing home

It is never easy to make the decision that a loved one may need care beyond what you can give at home. Unfortunately, there often comes a time when specialized care becomes necessary due to dementia, illness or circumstances that may arise near the end of life. If the time arrives where you need to make a difficult decision regarding a loved one, you want to know that there are quality homes in your area that can provide the type of care that your loved one deserves to receive. Finding just the right nursing homes to care for your loved one can seem difficult but there are certain factors you should look for that can point you in the right direction.
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Kids look great in sportswear


Kids love to engage in sports activities as it keeps them happy, energetic, and active, but things can be quite dangerous if the right equipment or safety measures are not adopted. It is good to provide sportswear to keep them safe, while also giving amazing, unique personality to kids.

Kids’ sportswear is a part of the latest style and fashion. You can find stylish, fashionable, and comfortable sportswear online; but when you shop on the Internet, it’s advised to select only a reliable online vendor, which provides high quality items, alongside 100% moneyback guarantee.

Do Your Ground-Work

The online shopping portals offer all the details, which one would like to find out, before buying the product. You can find size chart that helps in finding the right size that’d fit your kid properly. It is advised to shop online, not just because of the convenience of shopping, but also to avail attractive deals and discounts. Most kids love to play games and parents as well as schools should encourage kids to engage in sports activities as it can help them in staying active, working together, and improving the social bonding.

Countless Choices

With countless choices on the offer, it makes sense to spend some time to analyze things and compare the options. Although you can’t wear them physically, you can still compare all the color choices, and pricing across the different online portals. Before ordering or even before starting your research, ensure that the site is a reputed one.

Look for Variety

If the website is providing variety of products, sportswear, kid’s accessories, shirts, school stuffs, etc., it is good for you, as you do not have to give your personal details, such as phone number, and address to too many vendors. Look for workout accessories, athletic wear, workout clothes on the same website. It is advised to buy from a site that offers money-back or return-back policies, so that you can return back the things in case of a valid reason.

Buy Only High Quality Products

Generally, kids get restless and tired after playing; the sportswear can protect them from muscle sprain, and injury that they usually suffer while playing. Hence, the quality of clothes you buy should be of great level. You can buy branded products fearlessly as most of them come with 100% return policy. The quality of sportswear is the most important thing to consider; the fabric should be breathable and lightweight so that kids feel comfortable. It should not make them feel too hot as that may distract them from playing freely. Take time to review and make sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Size and Design

Sports apparels and clothing come in different sizes and shapes; buy the one that fits your kid properly, and not just the one that looks really cool. They should not feel uncomfortable because of the incorrect size. Online websites provide a size chart, so make use of all the help, and order the most accurate one for your kid.

Follow these tips to make your online buying experience more enjoyable, and delight your kid today!

Author Bio – Robert Skanska works for online fashion store and helps people in buying designer clothes, sportswear, beauty, and accessories online.

Handle With Care: Getting Your Kids Ready for Moving Day


Moving can be difficult for kids, and even more difficult for parents, so here are some tips to make the transition to a new home easier on everybody.

Show Your Child Your New Home Online

Get your child prepared for the move by showing him or her photos or videos of new homes like yours online. You can also use Google Earth to explore your new neighborhood before you move. Get your child used to the idea of moving to a new home.
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Louis Vuitton the French Fashion House


There are several beloved luxury fashion houses in the world, many originating in Paris, but few are as well-known or loved throughout the world as LV. Louis Vuitton purses, bags, travel bags, and accessories are sold in the brand’s stand-alone boutiques, other high end boutiques, and luxury department stores in countries throughout the world.
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Top 5 Animal Costumes for Children


Animal and little kids are the perfect combination; animal dresses blend well and make a great costume for kids. You can find varieties of adorable dresses for your child; however, narrowing your option to 5 would be quite tough. No matter whether your kid is young or too small, sleeping infant wearing Pikachu Onesie can be simply too adorable. Kids look very cute, wearing furry and fuzzy costumes along with funny accessories, and paints, especially with whisker coated on their chubby cheeks.
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Most Popular Hermes Birkin Handbag


Fashionistas love designer bags from many of the world’s top fashion houses. Although there are several very popular luxury brands, there are only a few uber-popular “It” bags. These are the most coveted bags in the world. One of the most popular “It” bags is made by the French fashion house Hermes, and is known as the Birkin. This extravagant bag comes with an extravagant price tag.
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School Nurse Assistant – Roles and Requirements

school nurse

Nurse Assistants play a vital role in children’s mental and physical health development and managing heath conditions. They work toward student’s good health and lifelong achievements.

Today’s children’s are tomorrow’s citizens and future of a country. It is also not wrong to say that a country’s future depends on these kids because they can shape a country’s destiny and play a decisive role in the prosperity of a nation in the future. However, to play such roles in the country’s future, these children must be healthy and wise. From kindergarten through graduation, they must be physically fit and free from health problems. Therefore, it is the responsibility of teachers and parents to see that children do not miss learning opportunities by keeping away from schools, or miss classes due to health conditions. It is also a fact that by missing each school day, children are missing learning opportunities that not only affect their future but also risk ours as well as nation’s future.
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How to Make a Slideshow from Your Baby’s Photos for Saving Happy Memories


Kids grow up too fast and before you know it that little bundle of joy you’re holding in your arms will be all grown up and leaving the nest. When that happens, the one thing that you’re going to want to have is as many of the happy memories you shared with them saved – and what better way to do so than to take your baby’s photos and create a slideshow.
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