Encouraging Your Children and Pets to Work as a Team


Whether you owned pets before having children or decided to become a pet owner after expanding your family, it won’t be long before your kids and dog become best friends. While it is great that your children and pets will want to play, laugh and get into plenty of trouble together, both need to understand and work well with the rules of your home. If you intend on having children and pets under the same roof to work for you instead of against you, encourage them to become partners and team players. This can be achieved by feeding your children healthy dinners and then handing the kids natural dog treats to give to the family pet. Giving your pets and kids tasks that they can complete together will also get them working as a cohesive team so that they can get back to having fun. Spend less time cleaning up after messy children and pets and have them cleaning up the yard without prompting with these thoughtful suggestions. Continue reading →

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10 Essential Safety Tips for Your First Family Road Trip

road trip

One of the best ways for families to spend time together is to take a road trip. While a road trip sounds like a great idea, it comes with unique challenges. However, the greatest consideration is the family’s safety. If you have not tried taking a long road trip in the past, here are some tips to keep everyone safe on your first trip:

1. Service Your Car before the Trip

Before you embark on your road trip, you must ensure that all your car’s parts are in good condition before you start the journey. Otherwise, you might have to face several stopovers along the way. The best thing to do is to take it to a qualified mechanic for inspection. Let the mechanic check the air pressure, brakes, lights, oil, engine, air filter, and air conditioning among other things. Do not ignore this step even if you had your car serviced recently. Many road accidents occur because one of the cars involved developed mechanical problems. Continue reading →

Keeping in Touch with Family Overseas


Millions of families live apart, with different members living on different continents. It makes it incredibly difficult to maintain close connections when you are awake at different times of the day and a visit is beyond your budget. Technology helps, but it can’t replace a hug from a grandparent or the joy of sharing a child’s first steps. Here are some tips to help you keep your family close, no matter how far apart you happen to live. Continue reading →

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Kids Must be Protected When They Play in the Sun


Kids adore being out in the sun splashing in a swimming pool, riding bikes or playing sports. Parents know that most of the sun damage that happens to kid’s skin happens before their 20th birthday. The UVA and UVB rays of the sun are known to cause damage through wrinkles, aging of skin, sunburn, and even skin cancer. Melanoma is a common concern of parents, and for good reason.
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5 Crucial Family Camping Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

family camping

Camping is a good opportunity for your family to spend quality time together and bond. But despite its fun aspect, a camping trip can turn easily into a disappointment. Something as simple as forgetting to bring salt or choosing a camping spot that is susceptible to flooding could put a damper on the whole experience. In this article, we’re going to expose five crucial family camping mistakes you should avoid at all costs. Continue reading →

Different ways to celebrate Mother’s Day


Each family has its own way of celebrating Mother’s Day, especially when the children are still small. The illusion of waking up and running to Mom’s bed to hug her, giving her the best smile, a gift or just giving her a kiss is the best gift for mothers. The Mother’s Day is an ideal place to stage demonstrations of affection and make a small tribute to the mother occasion.

What do moms like?

Planning a Mother’s Day is not difficult. The simpler the plan, the more imagination and illusion the children will put. There are moms of all types binge, tender and sensitive, sports moms, moviegoers, storytellers, creative … so the best thing is to identify what kind of mom there is in your house, and give them something that has to do with their style. Here are some ideas:

For gourmand mothers:

You can start the day by offering a delicious breakfast to Mom. Before Mom wakes up, go to the kitchen to prepare a surprise breakfast with original cookies, a cake, the fruit you like the most. You put everything on a previously decorated tray, and take it to Mama’s bed. You can also prepare a meal that will surprise her. But do not forget to carry a lot of affection, a smile, many kisses and hugs in the tray.

For sports mothers:

As Mother’s Day is also a day of integration, it would not hurt to enjoy a sport together. Choose the one that Mama likes, of course: swimming, tennis, paddle, yoga, etc. Ideally everyone could participate and play a game of some sport.

For emotional and sensitive mothers:

A Happy Mother’s Day song could be a great way to celebrate the day with an emotional and sensitive mother. A rhythmic mother’s day song and celebration could be a different way to make your mother happy.   A greeting card with the best drawing or painting of children is also a good gift for sensitive moms. If children are somewhat older, they will also be able to craft an original craftsmanship. For this type of parents, there will be no better gift than the one made by the hands of their children.

For mothers who like cinema:

We recommend that you choose a movie, video or film, and invite Mom to see it. There are movies that talk about mothers, funny and emotional. You can also make a video or album with photos of the most intimate moments of the coexistence between parents and children, or write a small text or story in which the protagonist is a mom.

For reading mothers:

Right now, in the marketplace, there are so many books that mothers may be interested in: books on motherhood, cookbooks, crafts, women’s biographies, romantic literature, etc. A book is always a welcome gift to all.

6 Top Tips to Help You Plan Your First Family Holiday

family holiday

If anybody deserves a relaxing holiday, it’s busy parents. But, if you’re taking your little one overseas for the first time, then there are few need-to-know things that you must be aware of before you make the booking.

When you’re travelling with a baby, toddler or young child in tow, there are many extra factors that you’ll need to take into consideration, especially when it comes to planning. Read on for our top five tips to help you have the perfect family holiday you’ve been dreaming of. Continue reading →

5 Gift Ideas that Will Make Your Dad Happy on Father’s Day


It wasn’t until I became a parent myself that I fully understood all that my own parents had to go through while raising me. While being a parent has its own rewards, it can get lonely once your children are all grown up and have left the house to start their own families. As a son/daughter, it is your duty to make sure that they don’t feel that way and frankly, it doesn’t take a lot to do that either.  Regular visits, phone calls, and remembering the special days are basically what matters. On that note, take a look at the following gift ideas for the upcoming Father’s Day to remind your dad how important he still is in your life. Continue reading →

Pamper your kids with the yummy birthday cakes!

yummy birthday cakes

Parenting is the most difficult job to be accomplished as it requires a lot of patience and efforts. Sometimes, you need to be playful with your kids and at other times, you need to be bit strict with them. The relationship of a parent with his/her children is complicated and it needs to be handled with great care. There are times when your kid could make huge hue and cry during his/her birthday celebrations due to the absence of his/her choice of cake.
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