So you will promote a sense of humor your baby

A child with a sense of humor is more able to make lasting friendships, loved by his peers and extend the good vibes to their adult relationships to more successfully manage frustrations , prevent conflicts and, ultimately, suffer less and enjoy more. In addition, the humor is related to intelligence, self-esteem , the creativity and problem solving.

At first splat !, bum !, cuckoo!

In early the laughter of babies is stimulated with physical games (tickling, etc.,) but soon, six or seven months when babies begin to understand a little the world around them, love to see what Known turned around, that is, begin to enjoy the essence of humor.

“When Ariel grabbed her bottle of water and drink simulated ear, almost fell of laughter,” says Paloma mum smaller than 18 months. “Seeing my reaction he also laughed and seemed very pleased with his new skill.”
When young “caught the joke” is a clear sign that they are developing important intellectual skills. Therefore it is good idea to hold their laughter. Antonio, father of two small, share a foolproof trick: “Clap wrongly or go beyond, take a doll and make clapping to the beat of a song and then are wrong. Once you know the trick, anticipation of clumsiness love. ”

Handsome as father, mother … funny how

The dads and moms who laugh easily and frequently with their children understand that humor is a tool unmatched when interacting with their children, and also very useful for discipline avoiding conflict .

Furthermore, the complicity that create laughter and good times is a kind of intimate language : “I usually call my daughter Martina like Robin Hood forest, pretending that my hand is a horn and making” you, you, tuuuu “. Now Martina, who already has one year and eight months when he wants me near her or want to ask me something, makes the same motion and sound, something that only we understand and makes us very much, “Celia said.

A sense of humor can be learned or inherited, like eye color?

Some children seem to be born with a sparkling and positive character and others however seem serious and grave from tots, however experts in child psychology claim that humor can be taught and learned. In this he is like a muscle to be worked regularly. And there is little point to a course of monologues for babies … the trick: to be the best model. This does not mean add to the already difficult task of parenting an obligation to be funny -8 am, prepare toast -faced clown, 10am, tell a joke monkeys, 3 pm “stumble” with a lamppost … -. It is much easier and liberating: allow fooling (yes, that asks us the body sometimes and we restrict our adult world).

Slowly (but with laughter)

The good thing about parenting is that we have years to develop our own sense of humor as our audience grows: we start with a simple material physical humor when they are babies , before going to sing “Let it rain, let it rain” with a ridiculous voice duck, continue with a scene in which we put a shoe on his head and a hat on foot.

The family home does not have to become a comedy but remember that parenting does not have to be severe, with much advice on when to start potty training , rules on the use of pacifiers … – and there is much room for play and fun .

“My daughter Violet is a great imitator,” says Estíbaliz, “we realized recently when he told his wrist ‘cuuchi-cuuchi, my chocolate on your tongue rag and looked at us expectantly. My husband and I could not believe that with such precision imitate her grandmother, gave us a laugh !, and her, of course. And her father is a great imitator imitates her sucking his pacifier and putting eyes (Violet part to see it), my typing quickly and intently on the computer … “.

Baby arrives: to prevent jealousy

Baby arrives to prevent jealousy

Children sometimes hard to live the arrival of a baby in the family. They may feel jealous, neglected or supplanted by newcomer seeing their father or mother to devote much time to the newborn. They come to adopt their very childhood behaviors to attract attention.

Children’s reactions

Children from 1 year to 3 years is one that may be the most jealous of a little brother or little sister. It’s hard to agree to share the attention of his parents. It can move very quickly from a state of great excitement or pride to jealousy, sadness or resentment. It is hoped that the newborn is brought to the hospital; it may even hurt him accidentally. Sometimes he tries to attract attention by adopting a child behavior, such as no longer own or asking to be bottle fed.

The older child’s risk of jealousy to hurt his little brother or little sister. If you think this can happen, never leave them alone together. The elder may express his feelings of jealousy in a somewhat more subtle. It can, for example, tighten tightly in his arms his little brother or sister, or wrongly accuse certain things. It can also take the role of big brother or big sister so seriously that he tends to do too much. For example, he shows possessive of the toddler.

Baby arrives to prevent jealousy

The jealousy of the elder may appear or reappear when the baby reaches a new stage of his life: for example, when learning to walk and it starts to interrupt his game, breaking his toys, the scatter, to share with friends or when he learns to speak and becomes capable of challenging his big brother or big sister.
How to help?

Here are some ways to reassure your elder and make her feel that you love as much as before the baby is born.

Respect emotions

Let your elder connect with the baby. Attract attention on how the baby reacts to the vote, the faces, the hugs …
Let your child that it is normal that it does not always feel the love for the newborn.

Let him express feelings of sadness or anger, but encourage them to cooperate and behave like an attentive senior.
Read him stories about families who come to welcome a baby, and talk all the feelings that this birth awakens him.
Tell him that you love him as much as before and as far as the new baby.

Baby arrives to prevent jealousy

The responsibility

Give your eldest special responsibilities for he feels that he has a role to play. Let him bring the baby, but make sure it does carefully, in a way that does not involve risks.

Bring her a doll with clothes and a bottle so he could mimic you when you take care of your baby.

Point out its new role as a big brother or as big sister, and the importance that this has. Tell others before your elder, how it helps you take care of the newborn. However, do not just compliment about it.
Playing together

Read books together. Involve the whole household to this activity. Let everyone choose his favorite book and select one for the baby. If your older child is already learning to read, let him read aloud what he can.

Baby arrives to prevent jealousy

Try to spend time with your elder, head to head. Make sure you will not be interrupted. Talk together, cuddle, take part in his favorite activity … Remember that the most important thing is not to devote a lot of time, but to go with him quality time, where you are entirely to him drop off window.

Your partner can spend more time with your older now that your newborn consumes you. This could be also your parents or other family members. The important thing is that your elder from feeling neither isolated nor rejected.

Arrival of baby: prepare my child

Arrival of baby prepare my child

Here are some things you can do to prepare your child for the arrival of a little brother or a little sister:

Let her know, 2 to 3 months before the birth, you are expecting a baby. Talk about the changes he will at home. Respond in a manner appropriate to his age he poses questions about the birth and reproduction.
Make her you still love it as much.

Make him feel very important. Tell him, for example: “You’re going to become a big brother (or a big sister). “Repeat that he will have a role to play and a special relationship with the baby.

A mother and her son with a new baby

Ask him to help you choose a name or clothes for the unborn baby. If you are the mom, put his hand on your belly to feel that the baby’s kicks.

Take it with you when you visit someone who has just had a child. He will know better what to expect and it will help to get used to the sounds and the size of a baby.

If you are the mom, encourage your partner to spend more time with your child to get used to it before you are too busy with the baby.

Arrival of baby prepare my child

If you intend to make your child sleep in a bed, let him leave his birthplace before the birth of the baby. This will give him time to focus on his bed, and he will not think that you have removed from his “favorite place to sleep” (cradle) because of the newborn.

Read him stories about babies born.

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