Investment advice for parents: making the family finances work for you

Investment advice for parents

When you became a parent, the way you looked at finances might have changed a bit. All of a sudden, it was not just you and your partner that had to be considered. Fortress Investments owner Wes Edens has built a reputation for successful investing over the years. In fact, over the last year he has offered free financial advice to all the players on the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team in order to help them avoid the financial pitfalls that so many players fall prey to. Here are a few key pieces of investment advice for parents and families that want to ensure a bright future for themselves and their children:
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Hidden Chemicals in Baby Bath Products: How to Keep Your Child Safe

baby wash

As a parent, it makes sense to be concerned about chemicals your baby may be exposed to. Unfortunately, many chemicals hide in plain sight, turning up in seemingly innocent places such as bath products. Even soaps, body washes and bubble baths labeled “natural” may contain ingredients that could have a negative impact on health.

What’s Hiding in Your Baby’s Bath?

Most popular baby body washes include a laundry list of chemical additives. Irritation of the skin, eyes and respiratory system is the most common trio of problems that babies experience due to these chemicals. Eczema, asthma, allergies and other conditions may be exacerbated every time you give your baby a bath. Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) in particular may be a culprit in skin reactions. It’s a known skin irritant and yet turns up in many baby and adult bath products as a way to promote lathering. Continue reading →

Make the Best Out of This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Nothing perfectly explains the pain and sacrifices of mothers. No words truly justify the extent to which this creature puts herself at risk just for the sake of her children. Woman as gender is best known for her parenting role. But there are not enough ways that the society could pay back or reciprocate her countless roles. Different surveys and real life experience clearly shows that whether in normal circumstances or abnormal (especially during some civil unrest or natural calamity) women have to bear the ultimate brunt. This is why the world celebrates Mother’s Day to not only acknowledge but also a time where you try to find some means to reciprocate the motherhood enormous sacrifices. Different countries choose different dates to celebrate this day. Bangladesh celebrates Mother’s Day at the second Sunday of May every year. So, the day is coming closer and you haven’t really done anything to celebrate it with your mother. Here are some of the ways by which you can make the day memorable.
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Differences Between Memory Foam and Latex Foam

Latex Foam

When two new products grow in profile in a market that has been stagnant for a while, if there is any similarity, it’s almost natural to pair them together and assume they are much more similar than they are different. In the world of comfort and support, this is exactly what has happened to memory foam and latex foam. Objectively, these materials are about as different from each other as they are waterbeds or Japanese futons.
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How to design a hard-wearing home for family life

leather sofa

When thinking of the home interior you want to have for your home, it is important to keep in mind that the furnishings will suffer a lot of wear and tear once children come into the picture. It is thus vital to ensure that the home interior is durable and can withstand this wear and tear while still remaining fabulous. Here a few tips of how to ensure this.
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Taking amazing photographs while you travel


When you get home from an amazing trip, it can be nice to have photos that captured your most memorable moments. How many times have you heard someone say: “I wish I had taken a picture of that”? Even if you return to the same travel destination later, the opportunity for that great photo will likely never happen again. Having many photos to capture the memories will help you share the experience with friends and loved ones when you return.
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Don’t let hearing issues control your child’s life

hearing issues control your child’s life

Two to three out of every thousand Americans are born with some degree of hearing loss, yet only a small number of them grow up to find their lives severely limited as a result. This doesn’t mean that their hearing problems generally go away. What it means is that most of them find ways to work around them. In order to give your child the best chance possible in life, you need to show them that it has lots to offer to them despite their hearing issues, and help them enjoy it.
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Join the Ranks of Successful Mums Working from Home

Mums Working from Home

There are growing numbers of professional women who have opted to stay at home whilst their children are little. Many have taken to working from home so as not to give up their careers altogether. It’s amazing just how successful you can be working from home with just a little extra planning and a routine that doesn’t interfere with family duties. Here are some tips from mums around the UK who have made a successful go of working from home.
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7 Crafty Projects You’ve Never Tried With Your Home Printer

It’s a boring rainy day and you are stuck inside… what crafts can you do to pass the time? You might not have considered it, but your home printer can be a great source of entertainment when it comes to art projects and crafts. Check out this infographic from Stinky Ink for some fun ideas for projects, including party supplies, décor and much more.

The ideas showcased in this infographic are really quite creative and allow you to use your printer in a number of exciting ways. For example, creating custom wall art is a lot of fun and you can print out any photo you like, then transfer it to a piece of wood by using acrylic gel. Also, did you know that it is possible to print on to fabric? All you need to do is treat the fabric like a piece of paper and place it into your inkjet or laser printer. You can even create custom party napkins for holidays, weddings and birthdays with your printer. With an inkjet printer you will be able to print onto burlap, which is handy for making wall art and custom pillows with your designs on them.

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Five Reasons to Choose Organic Crib Bedding


When a baby is born, its system is pure and uncontaminated by toxins. But the fact that the child has so much less body mass than an adult’s, and their skin is five times thinner, means that their exposure ratios are much higher. These toxins are then stored in fatty tissue, where the concentration is much higher because the baby has less mass to spread it around and therefore suffers more from the direct effects.
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